Why is an EMR Software Important 

These days EMR software are mandatory by state law. This makes EMR software practically a requirement which is why they are used at every medical practice. But EMR software are not this popular simply because they are required by law but because of the fact that they bring so much convenience to your medical practice. In this piece, we will be telling you about various EHR software which are considered some of the best options for medical software. 

If you are looking for the top EMR options for 2021 and want to know about the top 10 EMR systems you can invest in then keep reading because we will give you the ultimate EHR list! Keep reading to find out more. 

Top 10 EMR Systems 


Epic EHR is one of the biggest EHR companies in North America. The company has a stellar EMR software which has a plethora of amazing features. The billing feature in Epic EHR allows for medical practices to be able to reduce the number of errors made while billing and allow their bills to be reimbursed much sooner than before as a result. 



Next we have athenaone, which is in our list for top EMR because of the fact that it is a robust EMR option with a variety of features. The software has a really great patient portal feature which allows patients to log on to a portal through which they can set up their own appointments, look at their schedule and much more. 


AdvancedMD is another great option for an EHR software. This software is in our list for top 10 EMR systems because of its telemedicine feature. This software allows you to see patients remotely through virtual video calling capabilities so that you can have a wider patient base which is not affected by geographical location.


NueMD also makes for a wonderful EHR option due to a lot of reasons. The software has a really amazing scheduling feature which allows you to optimize your daily schedule to a point where you can see as many patients in a day as possible without any issues! This helps you increase your revenue significantly as well. 



Then we have Kareo EHR, which again is another great EHR option. The software has a very user friendly dashboard option which allows you to reduce the learning curve which is often associated with using any new software. 


Next we have Praxis EMR which is very well known for a variety of reasons. Praxis EMR has a great templates feature which allows you to choose from a wide variety of templates. This means you are able to have a template which suits your needs exactly and helps you simplify procedures at your medical practice. 


AllMeds is a very convenient EHR software to use. This software helps you to simplify the various procedures at your medical practice. You are able to use the software and make patient treatment plans much better than before which helps you to be a better clinician overall as well which is very important. 


We also have RXNT on our list of top EMR software for 2021. RXNT is a cloud based EHR software which makes it very easy for you to access the software from anywhere in the world. The fact that the software is cloud based allows you to use it through your handheld devices and on the go; which is very convenient. 


OneTouch EMR is included in our list for top EMR companies because of the various features this EMR software has. The e-prescription feature in this software allows you to make prescriptions remotely so your patients can directly go to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for them and pick up their prescription without having to come to your medical practice. 


Cerner EHR is the final EHR in our list but it is in no way the least. Cerner has a great claims feature which allows you to automate the process of filing claims somewhat so that you are able to reduce the number of mistakes when filing claims. This helps your claims not only get approved more often but also get reimbursed much more quickly as well. 

Which of these Top EMR Should you Choose

If you want to know which one of these top EMR software we recommend then we cannot make one recommendation since we do not know the specifics of your medical practice. However, we can help you come to your own conclusion about which EHR would be right for you. 

However, we can help you make your own decision. We recommend that you read as many reviews for these software as you can so as to know which of them are liked by their current users as that is a good indicator of a sound software. 

We also ask you to ask for a demo of whichever software you are seriously considering as this will allow you to see the features in this software in real time which is a good indicator of whether a software is right for you and will fit your needs.

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