The best Segway hoverboards are strong, futuristic, and fun to ride. There are hundreds of brands in the market offering different hoverboards, but unfortunately, not all of them are durable. Some hoverboards are built cheaply that do not provide enough functionality and features. After researching the behavior of the top 20 hoverboards we are here with a list of the top 5 best Segway hoverboards you must try. Some hoverboards under $200 are awesome.

Top 5 best Segway hoverboards

1.      Swagtron swagboard T1 pro Segway hoverboard – Best in size

Swagtron is a well-known brand and a huge timesaver choice in the hoverboard market. It does not contain all the fancy features like Bluetooth and led lights but it is stable, durable, and has two modes of riding. The conservative mode is used to control the speed limit and an advanced mode removes all the conservative speed limitations for a faster ride. The Swagboard Pro T1 hoverboard is lighter than many other hoverboards. They can normally travel 12 miles when fully charged and can carry riders who weigh maximum of 220 pounds. 

2.      Halo Rover x 8.5” Segway hoverboard – Best for all terrain

The Halo Rover X is the best hoverboard we’ve experienced so far. This hoverboard 200 dollars has everything you expect from a self-balancing scooter.  From huge all-terrain wheels to the high-speed limit they offer durability in any case. The 8.5-inch wheels and powerful dual 400-watt motors let you ride on any terrain and climb hills up to 20 degrees. It can easily carry a maximum weight of 260 pounds. The UL 2272 safety certification gives you ease and confidence to ride. It has a No Fall assisting feature that keeps the board balanced and increases stability. The structure is made up of a high-quality aluminum frame that sets it apart from other segway hoverboards. With two led front lights, you can take a ride easily at night. You can connect your smartphones via Bluetooth and can change modes according to your needs.


3.      Xpirit all terrain off road Segway hoverboard – most affordable option

At a super affordable price range, the XPRIT does not compromise too many features to save you money. It has a fast top speed of 7 mph and many other fancy features like LED lights and Bluetooth for your young ones. Its lowest price and best quality make it stand out in the hoverboard market. The Spirit 8.5″ hoverboard offers a 7 mph speed limit. According to hoverboardsinfo a durable structure and amazing funky colors are enough to catch anyone’s eye in a crowd. If we talk about the battery timing, the battery life has been recorded as 2 hours maximum. But on such a low price range and all the fancy features, it’s the best choice for kids and adults.

4.      Epikgo Classic Segway hoverboard – Best for heavy duty riders

The larger wheels and heavy-duty structure make the EPIKGO hoverboard a true beast itself. It is a full-fledge package of all your expectations from high-quality equipment. You can say it is a bit pricey but it worth the money. The board design isn’t as modern as some of the other hoverboards on the market. But the sturdy design makes it clear that this isn’t your average hoverboard. This bigger and heavier hoverboard is a smart and ideal choice for all types of terrain. There is no need to be concerned about the safety issue as it comes with UL-22712 certification has been declared safe by the government. The Vintage Self Balance scooter claims its off-road potential, and it doesn’t fail to impress a rider. Its huge rubber wheels and 400W motor makes it a winner in this class. It’s fair to say that the solidity and water resistance qualities of this board are unbelievable.

5.      GOTRAX SRX 8.5” pro hoverboard – always ready for the adventure

If you are searching for hoverboards that cost $100(Hoverboards under $100) or more, congratulations, you have landed on the right page. The latest model of GOTRAX pro is a component of the SRX series, which allows you to adventure on any terrain with ease. Considering that most off-road hoverboards cost more than $400, having a solid off-terrain hoverboard for half that amount is a grab. The 8.5-inch rubber tires are strong enough to handle any rough off-road terrain. The hoverboard includes two 250-watt motors and a 36-volt battery that charges to maximum power in 2 to 2.5 hours. The Gotrax SRX Pro is capable of carrying adults up to 220 pounds and is enjoyable for youngsters over 44 pounds. The board is lightweight, weighing only 26.5 pounds that makes it a perfect choice for kids and adults.

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