Just like any adult, your child must receive regular routine dental visit and cleanings once every six months (two times in a year). The aim is to make the visit easier and fun for the child. Some kids will have to come in even more than two times in a year when they have the increased harm for tooth decay and other conditions.

After the first visit of your child, regular teeth cleanings must start around age 3. And even if the child never has cavities, the regular cleanings by the dental professional will remove buildup which that the flossing and the brushing alone cannot remove.

What will happen during the pediatric dental checkup?

Routine Dental Visit

If you take your kid to the pediatric dentistry clinic to have that checkup appointment and regular cleaning and, the caring doctors can be able to review the kid’s health history, perform the oral examination, take any wanted dental X-rays, then, gradually polish and clean the teeth.

The regular checkups are the key to assess and treat the changes in the kid’s oral health. After evaluating the medical history of your child, the pediatric dentist can be able to examine the teeth, soft tissues and the jaw make sure that everything will be healthy. The x-rays can only be given when they are in need, to give your kid’s dental health protection. No scans can be taken without an explicit permission of the caregiver or the parent.


The doctor will argue any suggested treatment with your child and you make sure that everybody feels comfortable before they finally move forward. The doctors are being careful of using simple pictures and explanations to help the kids know their oral health. The x-ray findings may be shown and talk to the kids. Orthodontic treatment may be recommended too with dietary changes and some other treatments if it is necessary to improve and protect the child’s health.

Treatments and Cleanings

Routine Dental Visit

After your examination, the child’s teeth can be polished and cleaned by the most skilled member of the dental assistant team. The staff specializes in inspiring the kids to take care they smile, and they are going to teach your kids how to pay attention to their teeth. A cleaning is normally followed by a treatment using fluoride for some added safety against tooth decay. When you and the dentists choose another treatment like sealants for your teeth protection, that treatment may be applied also during the similar appointment.

Fluoride Top Benefits

Routine Dental Visit

Fluoride is one natural mineral that can be found in your teeth and bones, and also on the rocks, water, soil, and plants. When it is used in dentistry, this can prevent cavities and strengthens enamel. The benefits include:

  • Prevents the increase of harmful bacteria
  • Reverse the early signs of having tooth decay
  • Rebuilds the weakened tooth enamel
  • Gradual the loss of mineral in the tooth enamel
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Maintain Spaces in Dental Arch

When the baby tooth fell out really soon, or when the baby tooth needed to be remove due to decay, the dental spacer may be used in maintaining space in a dental arch. The space maintainer has been custom-made of the dentist and is being connected to the nearby tooth. This will prevent the other teeth from descending into the space which is being saved for a permanent tooth.

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