Business security is the priority of a businessman and nowadays businesses have been transformed digitally. Therefore, every firm is used to equipping employees with laptop and desktop PCs to perform digital operations according to the company’s policy. Since the companies have provided digital devices to the employee’s business productivity and security become shaky. You may wonder how it is possible, but it is true. The goldbricking activities of employees on business devices and the stealing of intellectual property can destroy any business to the ground. Therefore, employers have no option left, but to record the activities of employees in working hours on business-owned devices using the windows screen recording app. Let’s get to know about in detail in the following.

Why use screen recording software to secure business?

As we have discussed earlier that employees are used to wasting time on the business laptop and desktop devices, and get involved in data theft and do inappropriate activities against company policy. Therefore, you have to make sure the business safety and to maintain the productivity, data safety, and prevent time-wasting activities of employees on business owned computer laptop and desktop devices. Employers can get the job done, but they have to record every activity of employees performed on the business owned windows devices. You can do that but you have to use the windows screen recording to keep an eye on employee’s activities within working hours.


What is the windows screen recording?

It is an application and one of the best tools for windows tracking software. You can set up the application on the employees’ devices connected to the internet. It empowers users to get access to the employee’s devices in working hours secretly and upload the data on the web portal. The application is easy to install and you have to get physical access on the target laptop device because it does not support remote installation. After you have done with the installation process, you can visit the features like screen recording and it is packed with dozens of others. All the features are functional and provide you instant access to the target activities that you can come to know via your web control panel. For more details, you can visit the customer support representatives via online chat.


Screen recorder app for windows Features

We have discussed earlier that it is one of the best features of remotely spy on Windows pc software. Therefore, you need to know about other features that enable you to get access and monitor activities happened on PCs to the fullest.

Screen recording

Windows screen recorder is the best tool that empowers you to singlehandedly track the activities of employees on a windows screen. You just activate the screen recording and it will start functioning and record short videos of employees’ PCs screen and upload on the web portal. Employers can perform screen recording of chrome browser, default browser, SMS, social media, and sent/received emails.

View installed apps

You can remotely get access to the windows laptop and desktop device and get to know about all the active applications on the target device in the form of a list alongside the names.

Windows GPS locations

Employers can remotely monitor the GPS location of the loss or theft device stored with confidential data and you can remotely delete the data to make sure safety and retrieve it back via a web portal.

Keystrokes logger

Users can record all the applied keystrokes on laptop desktop PCs with a schedule using a keystrokes logger. Users can get passwords, messenger keystrokes, emails, and messages keystrokes

Surround recorder

Employers can listen to the surrounding conversations in real-time having control over the target laptop device and capture images using its front camera.

Screenshots on-demand

Users can remotely capture screenshots of employees business owned PC screen by using windows screen recording software.

Read Emails

You can read sent and receive emails and attachments using an email monitoring app and further you can get to know about what emails are all about.

Windows browsing history

You can get to know all the websites visited and bookmarking of webpages on windows installed browsers with a time stamp.

How does a window screen recording work?

Employers need to visit the webpage of the windows tracking app and get the subscription and the credentials and get physical access on the target PC and complete the setup on the target device. Furthermore, use web portal features to get the job done.


Screen recording for windows is the only tool of its kind that keeps employers updated about employees to make sure the business security.

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