Companies like FacilisGroup provide leading edge programs and technologies to SME promotional product distributors. Syncore, FacilisGroup’s proprietary software system, includes business intelligence features as well as an aggregate purchasing power platform to harness clients’ collective purchasing power.

FacilisGroup is a supplier-owned and -operated technology services group dedicated to supporting business growth for promotional product distributor partners. With market-leading platforms and technology services that leverage three distinct principles – community, technology and supply chain – FacilisGroup delivers significant sales gains, increased profits and reduced operating expenses while still protecting each partner’s unique brand identity.

FacilisGroup is led by senior executives with extensive sales, marketing and technology leadership experience both in large enterprises as well as those acquired. Susan Kill, who joined FacilisGroup this year as Vice President of Success and Retention, boasts more than two decades of executive leadership in strategic sales organizations. She also has a proven track record in driving growth strategies, optimizing operational efficiencies and elevating customer experience.

FacilisGroup provides more than software: we also offer products and services designed to optimize computer performance. These include memory upgrades and hard drive replacement options available both for PCs and Macs. They have even recently launched their revitalized brand with a new name, website redesign, and an array of exciting features.



Syncore is an integrated building envelope system that combines wall panels and forms with deck and roof systems for enhanced energy efficiency. This innovative solution reduces the weight of buildings while speeding assembly over traditional methods, contributing to higher R-values and LEED certification along the way – perfect for both new construction projects as well as retrofit applications.

Syncore’s technology is built upon an innovative storage system that utilizes disk drives that are evenly dispersed over an expansive drive set, rather than on an uninterrupted linear path. This approach ensures improved performance and data protection as each drive operates as one unit compared to traditional hard drives which only store information on single tracks. Syncore plans on scaling its technology as its needs expand while simultaneously keeping costs under control while adding features quickly and seamlessly.


Partner Summit

The Partner Summit is an annual conference designed to bring top partners from around the globe together for learning and collaboration. Featuring important notes from industry leaders as well as breakout sessions covering current technology trends, this event also offers networking activities and a cocktail party – offering something for all attendees, regardless of experience level or background.

Building an effective merchant partner ecosystem is just one part to driving business growth. But creating such an ecosystem can be challenging; reaching the appropriate people may prove challenging. Employing the appropriate strategies and tools will allow you to expand partner networks, increase engagement levels and increase revenue streams – so hosting a Partner Summit may be just what’s needed!

At this event, panel discussions explored the latest tech trends. Speakers included business President and CEO Dan Pantano, HPG Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer Chris Anderson and acclaimed author Stan Phelps (who you can learn about here). FacilisGroup Senior VP of Technology Liam Conlan and VP of Product Amy Rabideau discussed some of their latest tech innovations while simultaneously improving user experiences while building stronger communities of partners.

FacilisGroup, as the top provider of software-based services for promotional product distributors, recently announced that its distributor partners had reached $1 billion in sales. Led by three pillars – technology, supply chain and community – Facilis’ platform is used by 186 of North America’s top promotional product distributors.

The company’s new leadership team boasts extensive expertise across sales, operations and product management; as well as strategic planning, M&A transactions and business process engineering. Senior management has deep e-commerce domain knowledge.

About FacilisGroup


An event affiliation can be an effective tool for businesses to leverage their resources. Just as people purchase homes using leverage to get what they want at an affordable cost, companies also employ leverage by borrowing funds and expanding operations – this strategy is known as operating leverage and often plays an essential role in the success of companies.

The company provides various other services to their distributor partners, including marketing, warehousing and distribution, logistics management and supply chain management. Revenue streams come from subscription fees from its technology platform as well as fees associated with supply chain management and community events – projected recurring revenues are anticipated to hit $50 million by 2024.

They have begun hosting conferences designed to foster partnership among its partners, as they expand their clientele. One such event is the Partner Summit and Supplier Showcase which are held twice annually; during these gatherings distributors and suppliers can discuss current technological solutions and industry knowledge while meeting some of the top suppliers within their industries.

FacilisGroup recently welcomed five new distributor members to its vibrant partnering community, marking a major achievement for an organization with more than 185 active member companies. Productize rebranded its flagship software solution @ease to become more transparent and insightful than before – this marks yet another major accomplishment of this exciting company.