The online parenting is the best practice for parents these days to make sure the safety of the children on the web. The modern generation has become obsessed with technology, in addition to the computing devices connected to the internet. The rise and the rise of digital activities of teens on computing devices like social media use, online dating sites, and encounter with the online predators can put them into real trouble.

 The computing devices of teens are dangerous for teens in terms of excessive screen-time, obsession with social media, and to interact with sex offenders, online bullies, and with the stalkers. These are common practices among teens and children on their computer devices. Therefore, parents have to look after children on computer devices using a mac screen recording app. Before going into the details you need to knlow about it.

What is the mac screen recording app?


 It is one of the most advance and powerful features of computer monitoring software. You need to install the application on the target mac device and get access to the online web portal to activate the mac screen recorder tool.

It empowers you to make back to back short videos of the screen and send the recorded videos on the dashboard. The application is not restricted to the mac screen recording feature.  Users can use screenshots, call recording, social media tracking, browsing activities, and GPS location tracker, in addition to that block internet, messages, and incoming calls are the most advanced features.

 The application is easy to configure and easy to navigate on the target computer devices of your teens. Every feature is well-built and instant work and provides you results directly from the laptop or desktop mac device. For more details users can go to the customer support center and discuss the technical issues in-case you are facing via online chat.



Mac screen recorder is a kind of tool that you can use on the computer devices running with mac operating systems. It supports all versions no matter what you are dealing with the latest ones.

How to get & install mac screen recording software?

If you want to do surveillance on your teen’s computer devices running with the Mac OS, then you need to have the subscription of computer tracking software. Once you are on the webpage of the mac tracking app, then you will receive an email with a password and ID. Now you can login to email and get access to the credentials. Now you need to have physical access on the target laptop and desktop device. It is the time to start the process of installation and get activate the application after you have successfully done with it, you need to end up with the activation process. Use the credentials and get access to the online web portal where you can get your hands on the features like mac screen recording and many others to keep an eye on kids’ activities on laptop and desktop devices.

Use computer monitoring app for digital parenting

Mac screen recorder

Users can get access to the target computing device laptop or desktop and you can remotely activate the screen recording app. It certainly starts functioning and starts the recording of the mac screen by making back to back short videos of the screen and it will deliver all the recorded videos to the dashboard. It enables the user to record screen in terms of chrome, social media, internet history, and email screen recording. Users can see the live recorded videos on the mac screen using an online dashboard.


Users can capture screenshots whenever teens are using a computer device and users can schedule plenty of screenshots at once on the target device. Users can watch all the captured screenshots to know what teens and kids are up to on the target computing device.

Camera bug

Users can remotely control the computer device camera remotely and let you know who is up to devices.

MIC bug

You can record and listen to the surroundings of the mac device using the MIC bug app. It enables you to listen to the surrounding conversations and voices.

Conclusion:The computer monitoring app is the best tool for parents to perform digital parenting via its mac screen recording app.

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