Rigid boxes are the most robust and appealing packaging boxes. These are crafted with fine quality rigid material, which is the thickest of all packaging materials. The rigid boxes are a robust form of packaging which is mostly used to encase luxury products. Also, rigid packaging is used for fragile products as well, as it can keep them safe from pressures and during bumps. Therefore, it is a very useful and reliable option. Rigid boxes make the products look all the more appealing with premium quality and feel. 

You Can Customize Rigid Boxes As Per Your Product Requirements

The rigid boxes can be made in different sizes and shapes in accordance with the products’ dimensions. Also, the weight of the product is important to consider when choosing a box style. Rigid boxes can come in large sizes to cater to large products like electronics, appliances, etc. These can also be crafted in very small sizes to pack small accessories in jewelry items in them. 

Custom shape rigid boxes are a stylish and useful option to cater to the product needs and to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends. Therefore, opting for a customized shape that is unusual adds a wow factor to the packaging and makes the products stand out in the retail market. Furthermore, it is a practical way to get your products noticed by customers when placed among a crowd of competitor products that are packed in mainstream packaging. 


Custom Shaped Rigid Boxes

Custom-shaped cardboard boxes are also available in the market, but the amazing flare that rigid material has with custom shapes is outstanding. Also, rigid packaging can undergo various customizations and does not lose quality. It can look more appealing by applying multiple customizations that make the products look bright on the retail shelves and yet not lose quality.

The durability and usefulness of rigid boxes are not compromised even when you apply various decorative customizations over them. Furthermore, you can enhance the durability and appearance of rigid boxes by applying mesmerizing finishing coats of your choice. 

Options In Shapes That You Can Avail In Rigid Boxes

Coming back to the shapes of rigid boxes, you can always opt for something different and make your product packaging appear unique. You can create custom shape rigid boxes wholesale to package your range of products in a different-looking box. You have the following options in shapes to create pretty rigid boxes:

  • Round shaped rigid boxes
  • Rectangular shaped rigid boxes
  • Heart-shaped rigid boxes
  • Oval shaped rigid boxes
  • Square shaped rigid boxes
  • Hexagonal shaped rigid boxes
  • V-shaped rigid boxes
  • Diamond-shaped rigid boxes
  • Start shaped rigid boxes
  • Triangle shaped rigid boxes

You can select from the shapes mentioned above or suggest another of your own choice and create unique rigid boxes for your products. Furthermore, you can design a different shape according to your product dimensions and decorate it with customization options that help you create packaging that turns heads. 

Printing Techniques For Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

After selecting a shape for your rigid packaging, you can go for printing techniques and select an option that suits your needs. Printing techniques help you create custom rigid boxes that have brand details on them with attractive images of your choice. You have two options in printing techniques to choose the one that best suits your needs. The two choices you have are:

Offset Printing Technique For Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

It can provide you custom images with your brand logo and details to help you create brand-specific packaging. Offset printing produces photorealistic images that captivate the customers and make them curious about your products. Also, this process takes a few days to complete as the initial setup is extensive. Although this wait is worth it because of the amazing quality images, it gives you. Also, it is economically feasible for large-scale orders only, whereas it is costly for small-scale orders, hence not recommended in that case. 

Digital Printing For Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

It is a quick and trendy technique for printing images. Digital printing instantly provides you good quality images and does not take much time as the initial setup is simple and does not require extensive preparation. Also, it is suitable for small-scale orders and is economical. Moreover, it is easy to incorporate design changes frequently as it takes changes in the digital image before printing. 

Color Models For Custom Shape Printed Rigid Boxes

To bring life to your print design, you better add some colors to it. Without the colors, your print design would look bland and boring. Adding some hues to it will make it look prominent and more attractive. There are options and variations in color models, so you need to have a look at them and then select the one that suits you. Here are the options:

PMS Color Model 

It is a universal color model which has over 1800 colors under its umbrella. PMS color model is for you if you want your printed images to be brand-specific with selective shades and you don’t want to deviate from them. The Pantone matching system is famous for color accuracy and consistency and helps you create images that represent your brand. 

CMYK Color Model

A subtractive color model can make your plain rigid cardboard setup boxes look highly vibrant and attractive. The CMYK color model produces colorful and vibrant images though it lacks color consistency and precision. It makes the product packaging look captivating and makes customers pay attention to your boxes, among all others. 

Get Custom Shape Rigid Boxes That Represent Your Brand Exclusively

You can avail custom shaped rigid boxes wholesale in any style you desire. Shop rigid boxes can manufacture for you outstanding rigid packaging in the shape and style of your choice.

Furthermore, you can avail of 20 to 40 percent discount depending on your order and also avail of free shipping by ordering from us. The amazing options in shapes can help you create exclusive packaging for your products that can grasp customer attention and make them interested in your products that look appealing and unique on the retail shelves.

Custom shaped rigid boxes are robust, sturdy, and stylish and can help promote your brand while protecting your products. You can avail them in any size and shape to cater to your products’ needs and specifications.