Having to choose the right EMR for your practice can be a big ask. After all, there are so many different kinds of EMR, each built with various functions and areas of focus. So, how does one decide which kind of EMR, or specific EMR, would be right for them? Luckily, there are resources such as this article that can help you come to a conclusion. 

The software we will be exploring in this article is DocuTAP EMR. It is software with a lot of interesting attributes that can make it quite a good fit for practices. However, if you want to learn more about this software, all you need to do is read our article! We will tell you all about this tool, whether it’s the DocuTAP EMR pricing, features, and more! 

What is an EMR? 

EMR is a kind of medical software often attributed to improved workflow and efficiency. The term EMR is an acronym, which stands for the name ‘electronic medical record’. The software initially began as a way to modernize the patient file and to place the information in a comprehensive and easy-to-access place. However, modern EMR can do so much more.  

The new generation of EMR is far more advanced and can carry out sophisticated task management. It also can include work tied to the administrative and billing sections at a practice. These are essential to helping practices adapt to changing regulations, and to improve their overall productivity. Ultimately EMR is key to better, healthier outcomes.  


Therefore, the role of EMR in practices is an extremely important one. This can leave practices confused about what EMR to choose, and what features it has to offer. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on DocuTAP EMR, which has some unique benefits. To learn more about the benefits, let’s move on to the next section – its features. 

Features Of DocuTAP EMR 

Moving on, let’s learn some more about all of the exciting features available in DocuTAP EMR. The tools from this software give you a chance at creating an organized workflow, and optimized task management. You can also learn more about each feature, and see the rest of the features when you get the DocuTAP EMR demo.  

Customize To Your Specialty 

Sometimes, choosing an EMR is especially difficult for practices who are working in specialty areas. This is because your specialty focus will need its own level of attention to detail. Therefore, no average EMR can handle everything that you need to do your work in the most effective and productive way possible. 


When you use DocuTAP EMR, the software is built for customizability. It has been created to help you out when working in your specialist field. It also helps you choose templates from a library based on your specialty. The templates can also be further customized. Using these tools, you have the chance to give your patients the best quality care they can get.  

Carry Out Efficient And Timely Billing 

Part of your job at the practice is to make sure you continue to generate profits so you can keep working. This means having an efficient billing system in place so you can get ahead. With DocuTAP, you get access to an amazing system that allows you to manage all aspects of the billing infrastructure. This helps you save both money and time. 

Create Deeper Patient Bonds And Open Access 

Making sure bonds with patients are growing is an important task that practitioners need to focus on. After all, the more patients are engaged, the better the outcomes of any intervention are bound to be. This is why it is crucial to open up the doors for patients and give them the chance to access their own healthcare information. 

DocuTAP does this through the use of dynamic software, the patient portal. This is a platform that patients can use and sign into at any time. The software is updated with important information, whether bout the practice or the patient themselves. It also gives patients options to talk to their own doctor or to set up visits for themselves.  

Connect With The Software Anywhere 

People in this time and age are more connected than ever. They also expect a greater degree of connection to the software that they use. This is why the DocuTAP EMR has a feature to address just all of this. The software is cloud-based, and also available in the form of an app. This makes it easy to access from just about any location.  

Manage Tasks Efficiently 

One of the biggest benefits you can get from an EMR is the ability to organize the work done at a chaotic practice. Dashboards are a big part of this process. Using a dashboard from DocuTAP EMR is a great way to streamline your workflow. It can be customized as well in order to ensure you get the best tools you need in a manner that is easy to access.  

Is DocuTAP EMR The Right Tool For Me? 

In the course of this article, we gave you all of the necessary information regarding DocuTAP EMR. However, we cannot tell you if this is the best choice for your practice without knowing more about your needs. At the same time, we can tell you how to make up your mind when it comes to this software.  

So, how do you go ahead and learn all the information about DocuTAP? The answer lies in the DocuTAP EMR demo. The software demo can be taken at any point and is an excellent tool to help you see all it has to offer. All you need to do is to send over a request to see the demo to the vendor, and they can make it happen! 

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