For teenagers learning to drive for the first time is an exciting experience as soon they will be independent. However, for parents, it arouses the mix feelings of pride and worry. Why? They don’t know how their child is going to act behind the wheel and whether they will drive safely. Further, they are concerned about the cost of driving lessons near me or allowing them to drive your valuable car that helps them learn.

Prepare Your Child for Driving

Even before you begin to teach your child driving, you need to analyse your driving skills and motoring behaviours. Typically, we unconsciously pick habit from our surroundings. So if you constantly ignore the speed limit or get angry at slow vehicles, then you need to address them before you teach your child and expect to follow your instructions.


You can begin teaching your child to learn highway codes and spot and identify the road signs as you drive along. Todays, driving test has become a lot more difficult, and the theory test can be even more troublesome if the theory is not a strong point. The sooner you begin, the better your child will be prepared when the test time comes.

Discussing with your child when to make a quick decision and what needs to focus on to drive safely can also prove effective before they get behind the wheel. You need to teach them how to drive safely and give keen attention to certain things that we often take for granted.

Planning and Paying for Lessons

Without any doubt, driving lessons can be expensive, but having lessons from a qualified instructor is necessary. What you can do is to mix these with lessons in your car to cut down the costs further. It really pays off to plan ahead and analyse how many lessons with a driving instructor are required.


Getting the Child Behind the Wheel with You

There are several parents who wish to provide their child as much information as possible when they are learning driving. In this case, you need to make an informed decision, and there are manifold factors that you should take into account:

First of all, you will have to put your child onto your insurance as a driver with a provisional licence. This will add cost to your premiums and depend on the type of car you are driving.

1. Firstly, you need to have insurance for your child as a driver with a provisional license. It will add cost to your premiums and depend on the model of the car you are driving.

2. Secondly, in what car you want your child to learn driving. For instance, 4X4 that stands high off the ground is not the ideal way to learn in.

3. Thirdly, as parents ask yourself whether you are fit for this job as an instructor. Teaching someone is not as simple as it sounds because it has an added disadvantage of not being in control of the car as the instructor is.

4. Fourthly, it requires as an instructor to have a lot of patience when you are teaching someone new to drive. This is the reason why several instructors ask the parents to teach their child at their pace before getting them behind the family car.

5. Lastly, if you are taking your child out for a driving lesson, it is best to plan your route ahead. Instructors usually take certain roads that test out different aspects of driving. It includes going on dual roads or somewhere a three-point turn can be practised. 

Final Thoughts!

Learning to drive without a doubt has become mandatory in the present era and making right plans helps them and provide all support they need to make them a safe driver. Contact JustDriveIreland today and get a free competitive quote on one of the best driving lessons near me.

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