Walking Tours

The city’s level, small, and bustling streets make it excellent for walking. Walking is the ideal way to enjoy the beautiful 17th-century canals, parks, and old industrial docklands.

  • Hungry Birds Food Tour. A day of sampling the greatest street cuisine in the city is curated by Hungry Birds. The trip is all-inclusive and suitable for vegetarians.
  • Photo Safari. Take a break from the selfie stick and join photographer Tim Collins on a photo tour around the city. You may choose between day and night excursions.
  • AllTourNative Street Art. It brings you to the best graffiti and street art in Amsterdam, as well as cool independent galleries and stores.
  • Amsterdam’s WWII and Holocaust. The program includes a day excursion to Arnhem, the site of the Battle of Arnhem.
  • Night Walks. The Night Watch at the Rijksmuseum—now discovers the interesting tale behind it. Jacques Hendrikx, author of the artwork’s narrative, brings you to the painting’s original site and explains its history, as well as the lives of the individuals depicted in the painting.
  • Dutch Design Tour. Enjoy a tour of Amsterdam’s top design stores and attractions while learning about the philosophy behind it.

Cape Town

Walking Tours

Cape Town’s magnificent city center, a grid of historical landmarks and Victorian architecture, is undergoing a rebirth. The city’s streets have been cleaned up, and a monthly art show and cultural program are among its highlights.

  • Cooking Tour Bo-Kaap. A unique culinary tradition exclusively found in the southernmost tip of South Africa: African, Asian, and Indian tastes combine in Cape Malay cuisine. Cooking demos in local homes are available through Cape Fusion Tours.
  • City Walk. The walk begins at the Company’s Garden in the CBD, a historic plot established in the 1600s by Cape Town’s earliest Dutch immigrants, and continues along the pedestrian St. George’s Mall to St. Andrew’s Square and beyond.
  • Culture Link. Book a Culture Connect trip focused on Art Deco buildings, the Irma Stern Museum, or Woodstock galleries.
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  • Bites and Sites. Come with one of Hanli Fourie’s cultural, gastronomic trips through the 300-year-old town’s historic core, or to the adjacent Kayamandi townships for a Xhosa lunch.
  • VoiceMap. This GPS-driven software delivers entertaining audio tours all around the world, although it was founded last year in Cape Town. A maritime-themed walk along the Seapoint Promenade, a street art tour of Woodstock, an alternative route through Muizenberg, and more. Local-guided tales urge you to stroll as swiftly or leisurely as you wish, with your guide in your ear.


Maui is rich with such discoveries and information that may be learned during a walking tour of the island. These walking tours in Maui are the finest ways to see the island on foot, whether it’s through the bush to a secret waterfall, dining your way through its top culinary destinations, or meandering along Front Street in Lahaina.

  • Native Expeditions Maui Nei. Join a Kumu, or local guide, on a two-hour walking tour of Lahaina with Maui Nei. Learn about Lahaina’s many centuries, from whaling to missionaries to plantations, and get updates on Moku’ula’s archeological digs.
  • Hike Maui. It takes you to flowing waterfalls in the East Maui rainforest or cinder-lined pathways in Haleakala Crater. The guides are fantastic resources for history, mythology, and ecology, not to mention local knowledge.
  • Maui’s Local Food. These two-hour walking and tasting excursions explore the history, mythology, and lore of the island’s structures and communities.
  • Tasting Tours Hawaii. The “Lahaina Lights Dinner Tour” from Hawaii Tasting Tours focuses on history, culture, and food with wine pairings at each stop.
  • Open Eye Tours. It’s guided groups learning about hula, holy places, and Hawaiian culture, music, photography, and art.


From obscure shops to dark historical truths, the greatest Melbourne walking tours avoid the city’s most well-known attractions.

  • Tour of Hidden Secret Lanes and Arcades. The tour includes stops at cafés and interesting businesses along the route.
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  • Street Art Tours. Melbourne Street Art Tours takes you around the city’s laneways and alleyways to see the greatest graffiti, paste-ups, and other street art.
  • Afro-Anzac. This tour begins with a traditional smoking ritual and takes guests through the Royal Botanic Gardens to the ancient grounds of the Koolin tribe.
  • The I’m Free Tours. The I’m Free Walking Tours gather in front of the State Library of Victoria.
  • Literary Tours. Each MEL tour is led by a writer and includes visits to some of the city’s 70 bookshops and literary history.
  • True Secrets. Uncover seven of Melbourne’s best kept secrets on a self-guided tour with professional actors.


Paris is Europe’s gourmet capital, so it’s no wonder that there are a variety of outstanding culinary walking tours available. These trips are ideal for hungry tourists.

  • From Baguette to Bistro—Parisian Culinary Traditions. The stroll focuses on Left Bank family-run stores. Their knowledge of the French food industry and its effect on the country’s culinary history.
  • Paris by Mouth: Marais. The Marais trip explores tiny handmade stores on Rue Charlot and the food booths of the historical Marche des Enfants Rouge, oldest covered market in Paris.
  • Chloe Chocolat. Visit Paris’ best chocolate stores with Chloe Doutre-Roussel, a world-renowned specialist who will alter your palate and appreciation for all things cacao.


Philadelphia, one of USA’s most walkable cities, is full with vibrant neighborhoods, historic buildings, and cultural attractions.

  • Constitutional Walking Tour. Philadelphia’s historic landmarks are a must-see for first-time visitors. The Constitutional Walking Tour captures over 20 of the most significant in American history on a 1.25-mile trek.
  • The Grim Philly Twilight Tours Their nine excursions cover a variety of topics and include drinking tours.
  • Italian Market Immersion. Food is the focus of the Italian Market Immersion. The trip concludes with Pat’s and Geno’s, Philadelphia’s two most famous cheesesteak joints.
  • Preservation Alliance Architectural Walking Tours. The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia offers 65 walking tours of Philadelphia and its suburbs three days a week.
  • Real Philadelphia Tour. Enjoy a 5K walk with stops at City Hall, a half-block-long wonderland of mosaic tile and repurposed objects. The tour is free, but reservations are needed.


Walking Tours

Portlanders like walking, whether it’s on city streets or in Forest Park’s forests, whether it’s sunny or rainy.

  • Underground Portland. It covers “all the dreadful, horrible, no good, very evil things from Portland’s past” in only one mile of walking. A history of liquor smuggling, gambling, and “Shanghai-ing” (smuggling drunks out of town to work on ships) will be discussed during the trip.
  • Division Street Eateries. Portland’s greatest dining street, Division Street, so go hungry (note: this tour is free and self-guided). A wrap from Bollywood Theater, a scoop of the non-traditionally seasoned ice cream from Salt & Straw, the waffle sandwich from Smaaken, or a $5 piece of the pizza Bianca in thick-square-cut from Roman Candle Baking Company.
  • Mississippi Arts District. This historic district today has fashionable boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.

San Francisco

Walking Tours

The finest San Francisco walking tours don’t take you to the Golden Gate Bridge or Coit Tower, but to the neighborhoods, parks, and alleys where the city’s most intriguing stories unfold.

  • San Francisco City Guides. Their trips are anchored in history and guided by over 200 volunteer guides. Explore the city as seen by Alfred Hitchcock or read about the 1930s Jazz Age architecture.
  • Wild SF. Stories about San Francisco’s historic movements, independent business owners, and renowned rabble-rousers.
  • Forage SF. Learn about San Francisco’s edible wild edibles, such as miner’s lettuce, as well as medicinal plants along urban paths.
  • Tours of Tenderloin. During his Tenderloin Walking Tours, Seymour is known for educating visitors about the neighborhood’s complex history and nuanced subtleties.
  • Detour. Detour being the audio software that delivers intriguing stories about the city depending on your GPS position.

Washington, DC

Walking Tours

Walking is one of Washington, D.C.’s finest characteristics. Not only are many of its major attractions concentrated on the National Mall, but the city is also a network of interconnected neighborhoods easily walked.

  • DC On Foot. D.C. By Foot has walking tours for virtually every topic. And they’re all free or donation-based. They also provide food-focused walking tours around Georgetown and Capitol Hill.
  • DC’s Heritage Trails. If you want to explore a new city on your own, check out Cultural Tourism D.C.’s neighborhood historical paths.
  • Ranger Tours in National Parks. A National Park Service ranger is a skilled tour guide. Park rangers are available to provide presentations on each of the main monuments and memorials downtown, as well as free guided walking tours of the National Mall and Memorial Parks during the day and evening.
  • Tours of D.C. Metro. D.C. Metro Food Tours are a good place to start for a guided tour of Washington’s restaurant scene.
  • Washington Walks. No bookings are required for Washington Walks. Tours last around two hours; visit the website for information or to sign up ahead of time.
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