If you want to renovate or even expand your medical device manufacturing plant, then you must already have formulated a thorough concept and plan for the same. You must have created a detailed design of the layout and how you would renovate different parts of it. You have to do these things so that you can easily maintain the quality and efficiency of your facility. It is also important to understand the type of projects that you would be taking up in the future so that you can bring in the necessary changes.

One of the most essential things that you have to address is the building materials for the construction, especially the cleanroom.

Clean rooms are essential parts of manufacturing facilities. These rooms help you to maintain the quality and integrity of your work. You would need a completely sanitized and sterilized working environment to produce items such as medical devices and semiconductors. Even a speck of dust or human hair can cause you to produce faulty devices and hence, strict cleanliness is essential.


A cleanroom will help you to achieve exactly such a working environment. Some lab equipment will require specific air temperature and pressure to function properly and the cleanroom can provide that as well. Hence, building a cleanroom would be important when you want to expand your plant.

There are several things you need to decide before building the cleanroom and the most essential of them all is: do you want a traditional or a modular cleanroom.

Different cleanroom designs

Different projects will require different cleanroom designs but you will still have common options for the wall and ceiling. A traditional cleanroom is more rigid as the installations are permanent and more or less fixed. The Modular Cleanroom is more flexible in this regard and you can easily customize or upgrade them whenever you want and according to the requirements of your projects.


The advantages of modular cleanrooms

Modular cleanroom walls have a panel inside them with aluminum cores that have galvanized steel external sheets. The panel faces that lie exposed towards the working environment have white hygienic coatings of PVC and are welded tight to provide a complete air-tight environment.


If you run specific projects which require flexibility then you should opt for modular constructions. The traditional cleanroom cannot be packed up and shifted to other locations and you cannot make any minor adjustments like detaching panels or adding more inside. You would be forced to completely renovate by changing the walls. However, with a modular cleanroom, you may choose highly flexible softwall cleanrooms or rigid wall or hard wall clean rooms which are all easily customizable.

It may seem that the traditional cleanroom has more durability and efficiency but the hard wall cleanroom is equally impenetrable for contaminants.


Based on the size, budget, category, and projects of the cleanroom, the modular construction would be less expensive than the traditional cleanroom. It is more so for the smaller clean rooms. You can just use materials to suit your requirements so you can cut your budget easily. Comparatively, the traditional cleanroom does not have any such options as you will need to install every part so that you get 100 percent efficiency.


It may take you several months to complete a cleanroom construction if you build it traditionally. However, the modular construction would be more simplistic and quick as most of the components would be already manufactured. Hence, you do not need to build up walls from fresh raw materials. All you will need to do is assemble the panels based on your desired specifications. The modular cleanroom will take just a few days to complete. It means that you can begin with your operations as quickly as you want.

In addition to this, you would be forced to hire professionals for traditional cleanroom construction. But, you or your staff can easily assemble the modular cleanroom panels by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can get all essential cleanroom supplies and furniture from both online and offline suppliers. However, online suppliers will offer you more discounts, better deals, and better customization options compared to offline suppliers.


A modular cleanroom can be super flexible and cost-effective compared to the traditional clean room and yet, still achieve complete efficiency. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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