In the times we live in, money is considered the most important, the most valuable, and most sought-after asset of human life.

People keep chasing it even though they have accumulated a sum that they might not spend in their entire lifetime or the next one.

The constant chase for money and all that we think that it can bring has somewhere made us forget about the things that are important in our lives.

We are not giving people the importance, respect, and honor they deserve just because they do not have a hefty bank balance.

Since when has money become more important than a human being?

Since when did money become the dictator of human actions?

Since when did money become something that would decide whether we are successful or not?

Money is just paper, and yes, it is essential, and survival without it is almost impossible. Yet, it is not the most critical factor in our lives.

Even if we earn minimum wage, we can survive.

Even if we never make a million pounds in our entire life, we can survive.

Even if we do not buy the luxuries money offers, we can survive.

If this asset’s importance is based on our survival, then three grand in a month is enough money for us to survive, and anything over that is not something we need and should work for.


Today I am just going to prove that. I am going to show that money is not an asset that should be considered paramount in the world. I will do this by posing three questions that you must answer without reading my explanation.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money can buy you expensive gadgets, jewelry, cars, and homes. It can buy you world trips and guarantee that you stay in the most luxurious of hotels. It can let you eat the most lavish gourmet meals every day.

However, does all of this equate to happiness?

I am not so sure of that.

Have you ever felt like home-made spaghetti with an ice cream dessert has given you a fuller stomach than a 10-course degustation?

Have you ever felt that a plain and simple white gold ring bought by you with your own money has given you more happiness than a 24-carat diamond solitaire ring could ever provide you?

Have you ever felt that going for a walk with your dog around the Thames has more appeal than the hassle of a five-day trip to Milan?

If you have answered in an affirmative to these questions, then you know that money does not equate to happiness.


You can be staying in a studio flat on the wrong side of London as you can live in a 10-bedroom mansion in posh London.

You can buy things even if you have the most affluent bank balance. I own the latest iPhone 11, and I purchased on no credit check loans with no guarantors, and that made me happy, not the money or the gadget, well they did, but more than that I was pleased because I could buy it.

The money will buy you things, never happiness.

Can Money Buy Relationships?

Have you ever noticed that the high society people who have more than the common folks like us can ever possess have a fickle relationship?

They most definitely do.

Fidelity is not a concept that these people understand, and the sad part is they are okay with their partners cheating on them.

Even their friends are not their friends.

When you millions in your bank account, you can never know whether a person is truly your friend, or is he just there for you because you have the money?

This is the distressing reality of the richer class. They may have the money, but they do not have meaningful relationships.

Talking about the lower middle class, yes, we might also have people who are there because they want to gain something, but the proportion of these people would be far less than the real gems we have in our lives.

When we have get-togethers and celebrations, every person present would genuinely be happy and not think of depraved thoughts for us.

The term “gold digger” is not a term used for the commoners; only the rich get to witness that level of depravity called love.

So, you tell me, is being rich and alone worthier than having just enough money, but being surrounded by people who genuinely live you?

Can Money Buy Health?

This one is probably the most important because you know health is wealth; someone truly wise must have said that.

Money can help you get the best medical treatment in the world, but what money cannot do is guarantee that those treatments would work.

If that was the case;

The money would have found the cure for cancer;

The money would have made Parkinson’s a less threatening disease to have;

The money would have put off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and stop its progression to the next generation;

But that is not the case. The rich get as affected by these diseases as the poor.

You might have all the money in the world, but if you are not in the prime of your health, you would never get to enjoy it.

Ailments like stress, anxiety, and hypertension are problems that are so much more common in the rich than amongst the people who live paycheck to paycheck.

So, you tell me, can being rich mean that you would always be healthy, both mentally and physically?

I do not think so, and you should not either.

Winding Up

Happiness, health, relationships, and money all come on the level of importance. A healthy balance of all four of these would make your life content. Even if one is absent, your life will become all vacant, and avoid it would always be apparent.

So, giving pertinence to money, everything else is not only imprudent but also slightly foolish. Now, I am sure you must agree with me.

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