These are the types of fanfold paper that some businesses and companies mostly uses.

1. Direct Thermal Labels

These are Direct Thermal Label in white, 4 x 6 Inches fanfold paper or name tags with permanent adhesive and perforations in between the tags. It has high performance with lower cost label that can use with the Zebra, Fargo, Intermec, NEX, Elton, Datamax, Sato, and with some other direct thermal type of printers. It has that excellent print quality, strength, brightness and opacity. It has 3.2 mil face stocks with the non-tackified cold weather acrylic general purpose of permanent adhesive for that excellent adhesion to lots of substrates. The fanfold with the service temperature ranges from -65-180 degrees Fahrenheit with the minimum application temperature in between 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The labels do not require the ribbons are the best for shipping labels, barcode labels, warehouse labels and identification labels.


2. Thermal Direct Shipping Labels

These are commercial grade fan fold labels in 4×6 sizes. Its blank mailing label had the perforated line for that easy peeling off. It has that ultra-strong adhesive for envelopes and corrugated boxes. By using the fanfold labels and not the rolls it may decrease the time it is taking to load the new labels into the printer. You will not need that huge table in setting the printer and the labels. When there is no paper tube, then it will be more eco-friendly. It is fit to use with Zebra

, Sato, Intermec, Datamax, Fargo, Elton, Rollo, Printronix and some other direct printers.

3. Pinfeed Labels Fanfold

These are the permanent adhesive fan fold labels in 3 1/2 x 15/16 inches size and in white color. These fanfold is smudge proof, perforated and had that permanent adhesive. It is being manufactured with the top quality of 50 lbs high brightness, strong and lignin-free machine finished paper and in general purpose with an emulsion acrylic of permanent adhesives.

4. Pinfeed Cards Fanfold

These Pinfeed cards fanfold have that 92 brightness and in white color. It is smudge proof and available in 5 inches x 3 inches with about 4,000 cards in every carton. It is manufactured with a very high-quality of brightness, it is a lignin-free machine type of finished tag.

fanfold paper

5. Premium Fanfold Paper

These premiums Thermal fanfold paper are for the PocketJet printers and with 20 years of documenting. The company of Amazon had been utilizing this for their only pricing business and quantity discounts.

fanfold paper

6. Thermal Direct Shipping Tags

The Strong Adhesive of this fanfold labels are created from the highest quality materials and with very strong adhesive, and there is no need to worry for the labels to fall off. It is the best to use for corrugated cardboard to the envelopes. It also fit well with the 4×6 size label printer. It is also compatible with all types of couriers. This fanfold name tags or label is the perfect one for barcode label and for all types of shipping labels. It is also an easy to strip-off type of blank mailing label and with the perforated line for that simply peeling off.

fanfold paper
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