The art of cooking is something that not many people are good at. But if you are one of those who when they invite their family or friends to eat at home, everyone praises your dishes and wants to repeat what you have cooked, then you should think about starting your own food delivery business.

If you enjoy preparing different types of food, and also do it well, a food business can be a great opportunity to earn an income without leaving your home.If you are good at cooking and you like it, what are you waiting for to start your food business?

Starting a restaurant or starting a street vendor may be out of your budget, because they are companies for which you will need a high capital. But cooking your best dishes at home, and then serving them at home to your customers, is an excellent alternative to start with hardly investing money.

The family of one of my best friends opened their food delivery business about 5 years ago for this same reason: because they didn’t have enough budget to open their own restaurant and rent a place. And it is the best decision they have made so far.

The service they offer is very good (I am actually one of their frequent clients) and they earn much more money than they did in their previous jobs where they had to work in something they did not like. They went from shipping and preparing meals from home, to having their own place with a kitchen the size of my apartment just for business.


If you also want to be like them, don’t wait any longer: here I am going to show you how to start your food delivery business in 7 simple steps, and the best tips that I learned from the successful journey of Favourite table.

What delivery meals are the most popular?

Although you probably have preferences, you should know what are the most popular home delivery meals so that you can be more successful. For example, Chinese food, pizza, hamburgers and usually fast food are among them.

At some point we have all ordered food at home, perhaps not for us specifically but when we are in a group or in a meeting. No one is saved from having used that service at least once.

That is why it is such a profitable business if you see it that way.However, I must admit that the few times I have, my weakness is pizza and fries.It is not very difficult to know which home delivery meals are the most popular since you simply have to start with your tastes and continue from there.


If I were to mention the most popular on a global level, I dare say that Chinese food and pizza compete for that place.

What you see in the movies where most of the time the food they order is one of the two above, is more true than you think.

In the United States, for example, Chinese food ranks second among the most popular and pizza third.Among restaurants and delivery services, several Italian food occupy the first places if we talk about a list.As for the rest of the meals, as I was telling you, most fast food is usually the most popular due to, logically, the speed of delivery and cooking.

On the other hand, Mexican food and fried chicken or in any of its presentations, are also quite requested at home.As a more personal opinion than global in itself, for me the first place would be the pizza, but it is for my own taste. Second, Chinese food would follow, and probably Mexican food in the same place.

Then he would go on to the Italian and the rest of the fast foods.

I should also mention that, although they are not as popular as such, there are vegetarian food at home or that they simply serve salads.

For me, it is one of the most frequented when I don’t want to feel guilty about asking for something fast and unhealthy.

But if I had to put it in a range of popularity, it is not very above other foods despite the fact that every day more people decide to be vegetarian.

The important thing, in addition to knowing which foods are popular, is that you are honest and know which ones are best for you and make a decision from there on what you will sell.

What do you need to start a food delivery business?

To start a food delivery business, the first thing you need to do is decide well how you want your business to be and look for contacts that favor and help with your idea.

You need motivation, patience, and the knowledge that regardless of the business, everything goes its way and it can be slow.

When I refer to what type of business you want, you already know that you want a food delivery service but there are two options you can choose (the most profitable).

You can either open a service that only takes care of the food or that does both, make it and deliver it.As I told you before, in the case of my friend’s family, they have a food delivery service where they are also in charge of preparing that food.

Now, there are other businesses of this that are dedicated solely to providing transportation service, which is still a food delivery business, only you would not be in charge of the food.

As for which is better, both are profitable but which one you will choose will depend a lot on your abilities and up to what level you want to take charge.

If you are good at cooking as I mentioned at the beginning, I think it would be good if you give it a try to do both. Double win if you are confident in your abilities.

  1. Decide what food you will sell
  2. Make an inventory of the materials you will need
  3. Determine the cost of transportation and location
  4. Find capital to start
  5. Look for trusted suppliers
  6. Customize the packaging
  7. Name your busines

Once you get the basic right for starting a takeaway restaurant next goal is to offer a reliable online food ordering system that doesn’t crash. With the COVID-19 situation in the world takeaway business would be next big for earning money.

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