Glove boxes have always been useful in various scientific researches and laboratories. They provide an environment that helps make it easier to conduct an experiment. Using the glove box, a researcher or any practitioner can create a specific environment by focusing on different temperatures or moisture amounts for creating their specific environment. 

Many research places like a biology or chemistry laboratory have used different kinds of vacuum glove boxes suitable for their specific needs. One of the commonly preferred types of vacuum glove boxes is stainless steel vacuum glove boxes. 

Features: Stainless steel vacuum glove box

Stainless steel vacuum glove box consists of a work chamber, the main antechamber, a mini-antechamber, a vacuum system, and various other parts. It has a long pressure holding time and simple operation technique, making it suitable for small batch production in small labs of colleges or universities and scientific research. 


As the glove box has a closed-loop design, the operating costs are minimal. A standard stainless steel vacuum glove box has around 300 stainless steel plates installed on the box’s body, along with a main and mini antechamber. The front window is made of tempered glass, as usual. This transparent visual window is important for observation while working. 

Advantages: Stainless steel vacuum glove box

● Touch Screen PLC control

● High degree automation

● Automatic gas pressure control

● Automatic atmosphere cleaning feature

● Automatic regeneration of purification data feature

● Automatic operation data recording feature

● 30 mm thick observation window, plexiglass, wide viewing angle

●Lighting bulb inside the box

● Partial heating feature in the box

●Tightly sealed latex operating gloves

Chemical resistant: Stainless steel vacuum glove boxes are crafted using premium quality hardened steel, resistant to any acids or chemicals. These boxes are designed specially to resist many chemicals and acids used in laboratories and research purposes. 


Corrosion-resistant: Stainless steel glove box has a body with non-porous characteristics, which helps resist moisture and avoid corrosion. 

Easy to clean: Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box don’t retain any chemical residue, and cleaners like bleach dilutions can easily affect their quality. This makes it easier for laboratories to use aggressive bleachers that provide them with a zero-contamination environment. 

Durable: The durability of stainless steel vacuum boxes makes them suitable for any laboratory. It doesn’t break for corrosion or from any chemical tear. It is also perfectly sterile.

Aesthetically pleasing: Any stainless steel equipment can be matched with any color scheme or background. The color is not overwhelming and is great for a focused workspace. 

Application field:

Here are some of the fields where stainless steel vacuum glove boxes are used extensively:

OLED production and research and development

During the production of OLEDs, at least two parts of the process require the use of a stainless steel vacuum glove box—first, the coating process, which needs a vacuum environment. Then the packaging process, which requires an anhydrous and oxygen-free environment. 

Lithium battery production

Lithium battery production requires the use of vacuum glove boxes during the development and manufacturing process. Their manufacturing process requires a controlled environment devoid of H2O, O2, N2, etc., without which serious mishaps like explosions may occur. 

Special welding

Special welding like laser welding requires leak safety, minimizing impure particles, and more cleanliness across the workspace, which is possible to obtain via a glove box. 

Special lamps

Stainless steel vacuum glove boxes are used extensively to manufacture and produce special lamps like HID, metal halide, ceramic metal halide, etc. Sometimes, you will find vacuum glove boxes exclusively for welding activities. 

Looking to invest in Stainless steel vacuum glove boxes?

Stainless steel vacuum glove boxes come in many shapes and sizes. You can find both standard and tailor-made ones for your requirements. 

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