Why Your Medical Practice Absolutely Needs An EHR Software

Having an EHR software is pretty much a legal necessity in most states in America. However, if you are still grappling with the reality of having to opt for a medical EHR software then perhaps we can help you realize why it is not just a good idea to get one in terms of legal obligation but also how they can potentially help you manage your practice. These days EMR software has various features which make practice management so much easier; from patient scheduling features to claims features; they have it all and can do so much for you. 

However a lot of times, the price tag attached to an EHR software might scare you. But not all EHR software are expensive! In this piece we will tell you about several EHR software you can opt for and which will easily fit within your budget. We will tell you everything! From Practice Fusion features to DrChrono pricing

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Five EHR for Small Practices 

Practice Fusion 

Practice Fusion pricing starts at $149 a month. The software has a lot of great features which make it a dream to use and manage your practice with. The scheduling feature in this software allows you to optimize your daily schedule so you are able to see as many patients in a day as possible! 

The charting feature in this software also allows you to make patient charts in no time at all. The templates in this software allow you to choose from a variety available and then even make further customizations to it so that you are able to have a template that suits your needs exactly! 


Next on our list is Kareo EHR which has a lot of great features which help you manage your practice seamlessly. The software has a really amazing billing feature which lets you automate most aspects of billing and hence reduces the chances of you making mistakes and allows you to get your bills reimbursed much more quickly. 


The template feature in this software is also wonderful and allows you to choose a template which will suit your needs exactly. The software pricing starts at about $110 a month and increases according to the tier of it you opt for! 


Unicharts is also a great EHR software. This software has a lot of features which make managing your practice so much easier. The cloud based deployment feature allows you to use the software from anywhere in the world and makes your practice and patient records accessible to you no matter where you are. 

The practice management features in this software also help you manage your practice much better as it takes over scheduling appointments, keeping track of inventory and so much more! And the pricing for this software is amazing. It is a one time payment of about $850 which is incredibly affordable if you think about it.


Now that we have talked about so many options, of course we will talk about the features in DrChrono EMR and also DrChrono pricing. The software has a really great integrated billing feature which allows you to simplify the process of billing considerably and allows you to reduce the mistakes you might otherwise make while billing and hence also have your bills reimbursed much quicker. 

The software also allows you to make accounts for all your staff members separately so that they can use the software on their own so that they can keep up with the practice easily without any issues. As for DrChrono pricing according to some reviews, it costs about $199 a month per provider which is incredibly affordable. 


And finally after DrChrono EMR we have ChartLogic which is also a great EHR option if you are in the market for one. This software has a great charting feature that allows you to make quicker diagnosis as the software looks at the data you enter and makes possible suggestions for what the diagnosis might be. 

The e-prescription feature in this software also helps you make prescriptions online. The software makes it more convenient for your patients to go pick up their prescriptions from whatever pharmacy is most easy for them to get to. While the software does not publicly list its price, the reviews for it suggest that it is priced on the lower end of the pricing spectrum for EHR software! 


We have talked in length about so many software and their features. From ChartLogic features to DrChrono pricing, we have mentioned it all and hopefully you will be able to make the right decision for yourself.

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