When we pass through the front of car repair garages, we feel that they all look more or less the same from outside. But if you carefully read the banners, that will clarify your confusion as auto body shops and auto repair shops are totally different in dealing with cars. While the former addresses every issue that is related to the car body, both inside and out, the latter deals with the internal and mechanical damages of a car.

In other words, the auto body shops will take care of only those parts of the car that are non-moving,  elementary parts that are composite of the looks and the structural part of the and have nothing to do with the movement of the car. They only repair the physical damages caused to the car body and not on mechanisms.


An auto body shop can also call itself as a collision center since they fix back the car body after it got damaged because of a collision. Here we must mention that it is only after a collision repair of the car body that you can take your car to an auto repair shop fix back the mechanisms.

So what kind of car issues you can get addressed by the auto body shops? Here is a comprehensive list of services that any certified shop will provide.


Car Paint

It is one of the most common services that every auto body shop will offer. If your car paint has faded out or has started peeling off exposing the metal part beneath, know that it needs a paint job as early as possible.

Dent Repair

Dents can fall on your car body surface not only because of any collision but for many other reasons. Any heavy object touching your car body with force can cause an ugly dent to your shiny car body that must be fixed back at the earliest.

Scratch Repair

Same is with the scratches. You just might notice a scratch on your car body surface after you come back to the cellar parking, without having any clue how it all happened. But the scratch not only looks ugly but is even exposing the metal part which is susceptible to dangerous rust. Any auto body shop will repair this and make your car look as good as new. 

Windshield and Wiper Replacement

If after a collision your car windshield got chipped off or cracked up, you can take it to any of the nearest auto body shops and get it replaced. The same people will also get your wipers changed if they are not functioning properly.

Replacement of Window Glass and Windshield

The glass components of your vehicle are the easiest to get damaged, as well as the window glass rollers. Same are with the windshield and wipers. All these items can be repaired or get replaced from an auto body shop, and in pretty less time, since you can’t keep driving, or park your vehicle leaving any of these components nonoperational.

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