With tuition, books, room and board, transportation, and all the rest, the costs can really add up. Having a job during this time can help you cover some, if not all of these costs, and hopefully keep debt to a minimum.

Here are some options for jobs that are often well suited to students and might offer an opportunity for employment at or near your school or maybe when you go home for the summer.

1. Bartender

Taking on the role of bartender while away at school might not be for everyone, but the money can be good and the work exciting and entertaining. Depending on the state or location in which you attend school, you may or may not have to be 21 years of age to serve alcohol.

If you do end up at as a bartender, you may find that several hours of work here and there on the right days and at the right times (Friday and Saturday nights are often most busy at many bars, especially on college campuses), can have you raking in some pretty good money.


2. Waiter/Waitress

Similar to bartending, working as a waiter or waitress could have you making some serious cash while minimizing the number of hours you work.

Often, the key to making good wages at this type of work (besides providing good service) again may depend upon the restaurant at which you work as well as the days and times you work.

3. Golf Course

Many college campuses have golf courses in close proximity to campus and that may be associated with the school itself. Working at a golf course in a position at the pro shop or in concessions may provide a pleasant, often relatively stress free environment that might offer a lot of down time that could allow for a bit of studying.

This type of work can also make for a good summer job, and could be great for savings and budgeting

throughout the whole year.

4. Delivery Driver

If you have available transportation while away at school, you might consider working as a delivery driver. Depending on the type of food being delivered, you could make decent money.

The downside to this type of work is that you will need reliable transportation, which will come with the usual associated costs (insurance, upkeep, etc.), and how much money you make may largely depend on current gas rates and customer tips. On the upside, there is typically a lot of this type of work in college towns during the school year.

5. Work Study Program

Work study can provide a variety of roles that allow you to make money while still keeping an eye on your studies. Another way for students to reduce debt that is helpful too.

Consider checking your school’s Internet website to search for available work study program opportunities.

6. Coach

If you’re into sports, you might find that coaching could be a good way to earn money for school. Whether it is by way of coaching baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, etc., there could be a variety of options that might meet with a sport skill that you have.

7. Lifeguard

While the pay may not always be great as a lifeguard, it could make for a nice break after an exhausting school year.

Depending upon the geographic location in which you attend school or live during the summer, this could be solely a summer gig, or it could be an opportunity for five or six months in a warmer climate, or even all year long if you work at an indoor pool. This job can be a great way to stay in shape and help others, as well as help students to reduce debt..

8. Internship

While an internship might not make you much money toward paying down college related debt, it could help you earn at least a few bucks.

More importantly, if you can get an internship related to your degree work, it could provide valuable experience for getting a better paying job after school that could help you pay off your school related debt more quickly.

9. Summer House Manager

If you are a member of a fraternity, being the summer house manager (if your house remains open over the summer) could be a great way to live rent free or receive discounted rent over the summer.

You might serve as the summer caretaker with duties involving tasks such as cleaning, cutting the grass, general maintenance and repairs, and similar activities.

10. Zoo

Another fun way for students to reduce debt. The zoo can be a fun and relaxing environment in which to work during school.

This work however may be seasonal, and more zoo positions may open up as summer nears and the zoo heads into its peak season.

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