1.) Baden- Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg, the state in southwest Germany for life and quality of life attracts visitors from all over the world. Wonderful landscapes, culture, and customs, lively towns, attractive sights, a diversity of leisure and sports possibilities, the wonderful welcome for visitors by the people, and the outstanding and rich gastronomy well known beyond the state’s borders – are an unforgettable vacation experience in this part of Germany. 

New strength and energy can also be found by participating in health treatment or in a health-oriented vacation in one of the approximately 60 healing baths and spas of the spa State number one.

Baden-Württemberg has something to offer for everybody, especially for people with mobility problems. The Tourist-Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg has, in cooperation with a wheelchair user from the organization for the active handicapped much experienced in traveling, produced a brochure, which should support people who are handicapped in their mobility in the planning of their vacation. 

Included in the brochure is a list of guest house accommodations, sights worth visiting, trips, etc., which have adapted themselves to the guest with a physical handicap. 

A great number of vacation resorts and cultural highlights are offered in the catalog “Kulturland (culture land) Baden-Württemberg – travel, and experience”. Covering everything from events to festivals, special exhibitions, or theater productions to open-air museums – in the catalog “Kulturland Baden-Württemberg” over 50 cultural facilities in the State are offered. Get a flight for Germany at a reasonable price, make sure to visit Airlines Gethuman that offer their customer best deals on their flight booking.

2.) Bavaria

In its unique diversity, the holiday destination number one in Germany

offers its guests all year round a most fantastic scenery in unspoiled nature, sports of all kinds, culture, and history everywhere throughout the land, pleasant offers for wellness and health as well as the best conditions for holidays with the whole family. Whether you choose a farm holiday or a culture trip to the metropolis of Munich – everywhere you will meet and enjoy Bavarian hospitality!  Bavaria offers the right holiday program for every guest. Bavaria, that’s where I want to go!.

The right short-break holiday should ensure that one gets personal contact with the land and the people. Where would this be simpler than at the many vibrant funfairs and numerous events in Bavaria? We will be pleased to provide you with ideas and special offers for a holiday in the Summer or Autumn full of cultural festivals. Classic and pop, folk music and traditional costume festivals, art exhibitions, and theatre, in the land of the fairytale King Ludwig the Second.

A culinary trip through Bavaria. Bavaria – a land to love for connoisseurs. Experience the variety of the landscape, celebrate festivals, discover wines, get to know the regional cuisine, and enjoy the renowned beer.

The culinary delights are multifarious and varied: From the pub in a village to a five-star restaurant in the city, from the brightly scrubbed wooden bench to the exclusively laid table


The Federal State of Brandenburg, which surrounds the area of Berlin, welcomes its visitors with its more than 3,000 lakes and 33,000 km of flowing waters. Enjoy your bathing or boating vacation around, in, and on the water. You can relax when hiking, on bike trips, or rides in coaches through almost perfectly untouched landscapes. Here you find plants, which have come close to extinction, and storks, kingfisher, and beavers. You should also expose yourselves to the diverse cultural offers in dreamy castles and gentlemen’s country mansions. Celebrate along with us at old historical town and monastery festivals. Welcome to the vacation state of Brandenburg.



In 1990 UNESCO officially classed several large sections of Potsdam as World Heritage Sites. The most dominant features of the city include the historic palaces with their three large parks and the beautiful Baroque architecture of the city center. Numerous famous landscapers and architects have left their marks here. Potsdam, the smaller neighbor of the great metropolis Berlin, now has a population of 130,000 and is surrounded by the waters of the Havel River with its many lakes.


Bremen awaits you – with new variety! Experience 1,200 years of historical heritage in the buildings and monuments on the historical Market Square and in the famous Böttcherstrasse and the idyllic Schnoor quarter. But Bremen is also an exciting modern city with many exciting new attractions, including the Schlachte promenade on the Weser river, the spectacular building of the Universum Science Centre, guided tours of the Space Travel Visitors Centre and the brand-new production of the hit musical Hair


You can look forward to one of the most beautiful cities in Germany! Huge ocean steamers, a strong wind on the river Elbe, small sailing boats on the Alster, and plenty of green areas for relaxation and revitalization.

Extraordinary shopping malls, excellent gastronomic temples, a diversified hotel landscape, exciting nightlife, uncountable coffee bars, pubs, night bars, and an exciting cultural scene: Hamburg welcomes you, especially if you know that the bars never close here.

Just the famous musicals and shows such as Disney’s THE LION KING, MAMA MIA! or The Fearless Vampire Killers are worth the visit.

The “Free and Hanseatic City” of Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest metropolis with one of Europe’s biggest ports. Elegant and cosmopolitan, Hamburg is now a city of palatial office buildings, magnificent promenades, international musicals, extravagant shopping malls – and the famous Reeperbahn and St. Pauli. The magical aura of faraway places is still alive in the old warehouse quarter and the little canals. Hamburg is also Germany’s greenest city, with many spacious lawns and lovely parks. Make a quick view on Airlines Gethuman and check is there any offer for you?


That is exactly what the guests here spontaneously say. No wonder – you find absolute highlights everywhere. Natural landscapes, from heather landscapes to jungle to marsh landscapes, attractive lakes, and rivers, historical milestones in the form of picturesque half-timber houses. It does not matter – are you looking for a cultural trip, an activity vacation, or a family vacation – you will discover things in every tourist region of Hesse that “you just have to have experienced”.

You are accompanied by hundreds of years of history that have shaped both people and land. Hesse, that means people with charm and joie de vivre, cordiality, and closeness.

Many roads lead through the holiday state of Hesse, right in the heart of Germany. The routes are lined with things to see and do, inviting you to visit romantic half-timbered towns and pulsating cities, each with its own special charm.

magnificent landscapes, as well as locations filled with culture, history, and architecture. There is always plenty to discover and experience along the routes that lead from one station to the next, tempting you to embark on new excursions and stay a little longer. The comprehensive overview will help you to prepare your day trips and route plan, guiding you along the way.

The culinary delights of Hesse will please the most discerning palate. Many of the typical regional dishes have become famous through the “Hesse à la carte” book and television series, which unveiled the secrets of specialties such as “Frankfurter Grie Soss” (herb sauce), “Waldhessen Lumpen und Flöh” (white cabbage seasoned with caraway and bacon), or Waldbrunner Pfännchen from the Westerwald. Visit one of the restaurants working in cooperation with Hesse à la carte and you assured the finest of typical regional food and drinks in local style.

Hesse is one of the country’s most comprehensive spa regions, with 33 convalescent and spa centers. The tradition of care and recuperation for body and soul is hard to beat in Germany. Even the Romans appreciated the healing springs, such as those in Bad Vilbel, or Wiesbaden with its 26 sodium chloride spas (up to 67° C). From lively spa facilities in the “strongholds” to a secluded, personal atmosphere in the small spas, guests always feel at home.

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