The producer plays a crucial role in all the stages of music video production. She/he liaises with the client, the team, and all other key members involved in the video shoot. She/he offers guidance and support to help creatively execute the video project with ease and per the goals.

The critical role that the producer plays during each stage of video production are:

Initiation of the project

At this stage, the client defines a need for the creation of a video, assigns the same responsibility to a marketing manager or corporate communication manager, who then creates a statement of purpose, does the budgeting and finally hire a suitable video production team after a shortlisting process. The producer being a leader plays a key liaison role

at the video recording studio. She/he focuses on getting the key goals and the intention right from the very start.


This is the creative stage where the client and the video production team interact before the actual video production. The producer focuses on defining the measurable target objectives for which the video is being created, providing copy material to the video production team, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting and location scouting. At the end of this stage, the video production team and the client should have a production schedule ready with a good idea of what the video is going to be like and how its effectiveness will be measured.


Video Production

This stage involves the video creation at a location with a camera crew and director along with actors and presenters (if required). Once the actual process of making the video starts, the video producer plays a vital role by managing the logistics and all the finer operational details on the day of the shoot at an audio recording studio in Delhi. She/her coordinates and brings together the entire team, looks at what equipment is needed and whether they are at a proper place, looks at the schedule, locations, and does most of the running around. At this stage, the producer is the bind that holds everything and everyone together to create a masterpiece video.

Post Production

This is the stage where the video is finessed in a studio by editing and adding voice, graphics, animations, and music. Post completion of the video, the producer works very closely with the editor. She/he oversees when the editor writes scripts. He/she releases the production timeline, thoroughly reviews content keeping the goals in mind, keeps a track on resources spent and ensures everything is timely and well-delivered.

Final Delivery

Before the internet era, the distribution would have been in the form of DVDs. Now the videos would be uploaded on the company website and shared within the internal network and social media accounts as required.

She/he manages the client expectations ensuring the asks are legible to the team, and not skyrocketing. The video producer plays a crucial role at each step, but the most critical role she/plays cuts across the entire lifecycle of video production. She/he manages all the details of the process to make sure that everything per the plan.

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