We are stuck in a position that is constant from many months, we are forced to stay home aren’t we? Well, when you stay indoors for almost a year you get suffocated by it. The year 2020 is about to come to an end and we are moving towards 2021, we are all aware that the global pandemic that took lives of thousands of people this year will not vanish within a blink of eye even when we have the vaccine we still need to take precautions that means, we will be staying inside our homes for some time. When you have to work from home and you can no longer have the rejoicing get together and parties you need to have something to hold on to, that will let you escape into another world where you can just sit back, forget the negative aspects and enjoy your present moment.

The best thing you can do for your entertainment and fun is to play all your favorite games on X-Box or PS4. As far as an internet connection is concerned you can make a call on Spectrum Customer Service Number

to get the best compatible internet speed that will allow you to play your favorite games without any interruption and that too on discounted rates. You can either make a quick call to grab all the information that is required by providing your complete address followed by the zip code to the spectrum customer service agent or simply go for the live chat option instead and enter all your queries there.

You have an option to get a router on lease of $5 that is a Wi-Fi router with Spectrum which will allow you to have fast internet speed all around your home where you will get the services installed. Spectrum offers a Wi-Fi router that has the latest technology which is DOCIS 3.0 through which you get amazing strength in your Wi-Fi signals. You can opt for the high internet speeds that will support all kinds of games that you want to play, the minimum speed is 200 Mbps that is pretty good, you may opt for 400 Mbps too if you think that 200 Mbps per sec is not sufficient enough for you. The base speed will cost around $49 almost and the ultra-internet high speed is 400 Mbps which is of $56 almost per month. If you are addicted to games and you also use the internet connection for work and school, you have an ideal and an amazing option with Spectrum that is 1 Giga byte per sec for $100 per month. Trust us when we say this is the speed of your dreams, you will definitely enjoy your games and have an experience of your life. Even if there are a number of users who will be using it, you still won’t face any sort of issues with this speed.


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You do have an option to buy your own router from the market and save the money that you will have to pay every month. You will get a modem for free with Spectrum. You can have your own router that will provide you high strength internet signals which will facilitate your games and you will play it without any interruption.

Net Gear C3700

You can easily get this modem from Amazon online. It will work absolutely fine with your broadband internet connection and provide you with quality internet signals all around your home through this IP: The best things about this modem is its sleek and modern design. You can get this modem on very affordable rates and save some extra bucks.

Net Gear Night Walk C7000

This also an amazing modem with all the features that will support your internet connection and help you to get extra strength in your internet signals. It has an amazing wireless performance that will allow you to play all your favorite games without causing speed slack issues.

Motorola MG7700

Everyone is aware of Motorola. It is a well renowned telecommunication brand but, they also provide amazing gadgets with the latest technology like internet modems. This modem is a powerful modem and it works amazingly with Giga bit internet speed. It has the latest DOCSIS 3.0 technology with 24X8 channel bandwidth. You can get hassle free internet speeds and enjoy your favorite games. You know what the best part is? You also get AC1900 Wi-Fi that means you will get amazing internet speeds all around your place without facing the usual issues of internet speed or signals. You can also save a great deal because you will not have to pay monthly rental

In conclusion,

The router that Spectrum offers is amazing but if you don’t want to pay monthly rental you can easily buy all routers that we have mentioned online, through Amazon. All these routers will amazingly for your gaming.