Once the Corona pandemic is over (fingers crossed), people will never take good food for granted. And if you are planning for a wedding after these challenging times, you have got to give your starving, gourmet food-craving guests an unforgettable food experience on your wedding day. Good food and love bring us together. Wedding menus can be rather difficult to decide – especially since you are trying to please everyone while trying to do something out of the box. So here are a few ways in which you can’t go wrong and will please everyone:

Pick a Buffet Instead of a Sit-Down Meal

If you want to please everyone at your wedding, the best option would be to arrange a buffet. Sit-down meals often tend to be a waste when it comes to extra personnel required to serving and plating dishes. With a buffet, you can have multiple options available and the guests can pick whatever they like.

The Meat

Pick your favorite red or lean meat, the cuts, and the cooking temperature. Having two different types of meat in the menu gives more freedom to the guests and lesser stress to the hosts, here are a few common options: Beef brisket or steak, pulled pork or pork ribs, chicken skewers, fried or grilled chicken, Mexican tacos, BBQ chicken wings, filet mignon, carved turkey, grilled lamb, smoked sausages. These can be served with your favorite sideline of mashed potatoes, sautéed or baked vegetables, fresh fruits, rice, waffle, garlic bread or mac and cheese. Or have the classic American-style burgers, chicken pot pie and sandwiches for a cheaper alternative.


Sea Food

If you are dubious about serving two types of meat dishes, then opt for one meat main course and another seafood main course or appetizer. Favorite seafood items include crabs, prawns, tempuras, lobsters, calamari, shrimps, scallops, trout, salmons, cod, mussels, scungilli. Serve these as a divine, mixed salad or lightly seasoned with fresh vegetables, grits, French bread or sauces. Nothing says fancy better than a well-presented dish of seafood.

For the Vegetarian Guests


Being extra mindful and accommodating towards your vegetarian friends and family is a kind gesture. Thus, many meal options will be loved by them as well as the other guests. These include succulent spring green salad, grilled and buttered corn, vegetable and fennel salad, vegetarian pizza, tacos and pasta, bruschetta, seasonal salad, spring vegetable risotto, roasted potatoes, Caprese salad, and couscous salad. Preferably, choose salads that have most vegetables available during the season of your marriage – this way you can manage to provide your guests with fresh salad within your budget.

Nothing too Exotic

It’s not a bad idea to steer clear of over-priced and exotic dishes or menu (and invest in a good wedding ring instead). Understandably, most couples love being unique and creative with their wedding menus, but it is safer to invest in dishes that will appeal to everyone’s palate. That is why steer clear from having people picking at exotic foods and wasting them. Similar principles apply to rarer cuisines; unless you are not marrying someone from Thailand or India, it is better to skip their traditional recipes.

Cocktail Bar

Arranging a cocktail bar is both delightful and amiable at any party. You must have one at your wedding as well. You can choose from a variety of drinks like Bellini’s, Mimosas, Raspberry coolers, mint Juleps, Mai Tai, basil Vodka Gimlet, Cocktail Paletas, Moscow mules, Honeycrisp apple sangria or classic Champagne and red wine. But make it interactive – guests should be allowed to make and mix their drinks. It will not only encourage them to mingle with each other but will also buy the couple some time to be intimate with each other and take a break from the overwhelming sentiments.

Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Fruit or Ice Cream Sundae Bars

Dessert bars are a creative way to have your guests mingle more. Most guests look forward to this bit of the wedding since there is a surprise element about what is to come next. And after having a couple of glasses of wine and alcohol, the party is just getting started. Hence, it serves as a great way of delving into the festivities and interacting openly instead of just sitting on a long table – away from most people. Other dessert options also include candy assortments, donuts, homemade toffee, hot chocolate, caramel apples, ice cream sandwiches and of course the wedding cake. This part of the menu is particularly exciting for the kids as well.

In conclusion, food is one of the things guests tend to look forward to at the wedding. Thus, go for multiple taste testing sessions, until you find the caterer who best fits your demands.

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