Working in a laboratory has a lot of risks. In a laboratory, the professionals work with various hazardous acids and chemicals. At times, you must have seen that the lab workers move toxic chemicals and acids from one place to another or from one room to another. Accidents occur during the process of moving the chemical substances. Mishaps have taken place in the laboratories while transferring acids and chemicals. It is necessary to take precautions when getting chemicals and acids transported from one location to another. If you are running a laboratory, then it is your duty to make sure that the laboratory professionals are safe from harmful chemicals. Do you use a transportation cart in your laboratory? If not yet, then you should start using high-quality transport carts which are especially designed for laboratory purposes. The transportation carts are the best and safest way to transport any chemical substances from without creating any hazards. Hence, transportation carts are considered as a hazardless method for carrying poisonous and harmful acids and chemicals. There are many business organizations which use transportation carts in their laboratories. You can use various types of transportation carts in your laboratory. Which are they? Below mentioned are the types of transportation carts which have proved to be effective for the laboratory users. 


Which Transportation carts Can You Purchase? 

Transport carts are highly used in several laboratories. Whether it is an educational institution or a business establishment, the use of laboratories is increasing with each passing day. Various toxic chemicals and acids are used in various chemical and medical researches. Not all laboratories will use the same chemicals. Therefore, there are many transport carts which are designed for laboratory use. Read through the following lines to know the type of transport carts which you can purchase for your lab.

1. Chemical And Acid Transportation Carts:

Acid transportation carts or chemical transfer carts have white polypropylene construction. The thickness of the cart is 1/2′. The carts are generally acid resistant. It has a spill containment design along with removable bottle dividers. The carts are available in three standard configurations. 


2. Polypropylene Chemical Transfer Carts:

Polypropylene chemical transport carts are basically acid transport carts which can be used to transport extremely dangerous acids and other acid-corrosive chemicals. The polypropylene chemical transport carts meet the high standards of safety requirements and cleanroom. The construction of the carts have been designed with liquid tight welding techniques. 

3. Lab & Cleanroom Utility Carts:

 You can get heavy-duty and medium utility carts which have two wire shelves. The innovative design of the cart is quite attractive. The design of the cart is a basket-featuring patented design whose shelf is solid-built. The cart has chrome, zinc and stainless steel finish. There are two posts with bumpers and casters. The capacity of a heavy duty cart is 800-lb and a medium duty cart’s capacity is 500-lb. These transport carts are highly preferred by the lab users. 

Plastic And Stainless Steel Laboratory Carts 

You will come across stainless steel and plastic transportation carts in the market. Which material of transport cart you should use? 

  • Stainless Steel Laboratory Transport Carts:

The stainless steel laboratory transport cart will not damage within a few months of use. This type of cart is susceptible to heat. The other name of the stainless steel lab cart is also known as lab trolleys. The main purpose of the lab carts is to transport lab supplies and instruments with ease. Owing to its durability, the stainless steel lab transport carts are often a great choice for lab users. The carts can also withstand heavy instruments. Laboratory users often opt for stainless steel lab carts, as the product will give a long-lasting service. It can also withstand high temperature heat. Keep in mind that the stainless steel lab  transport carts  an break your bank. As the product is highly preferred by the lab users and the product comes with many uses, it is high in cost. 

  • Plastic Lab Transport Carts:

Plastic lab carts are on less demand, unlike the stainless steel lab transportation carts. It is resistant to temperatures. The best thing is that the plastic carts will not make a hole in your pocket. Owing to its affordability, many people use plastic transport carts for their labs. There are many laboratory users who prefer stainless steel lab carts. Whereas there are some lab users who prefer plastic lab carts due to its durability and the product is extremely safe to use. As it is one of the highly effective products, people purchase plastic lab transport carts. People choose to buy plastic lab carts merely because of their affordable rates. Make sure to purchase the best quality laboratory transportation carts from reliable lab equipment  manufacturers. Do research before you go for buying the lab transport carts. 

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