Desiccators offer perfect storage. These can be completely sealed types of pass-through types. If you need immediate access to lab samples and other inventories, then pass through types are a better option. They offer benefit. Being pass-through type, they are easy to access. As the desiccators may not have any door enclosure, so they are more convenient to use. You can use the same desiccator’s shelf from both sides.

If you need a very streamlined workflow in your lab then it is best to install the pass-through type of desiccators. These types will make the process of transferring lab samples more convenient. You may not have to access any door to access the desiccators.

They also offer multiple shelves. So the samples can easily be stored on the shelves. if you are looking around for high-quality storage solutions then you can invest your money in quality desiccators storage unit.


High-end storage facility

The first most important advantage of Pass-through Desiccators is that they will help you keep everything in a well-organized manner in the lab. The desiccators can also be used in industrial areas and warehouses.

If there are inventories that you are using very often, then these types are the best. The desiccators have shelves that will hold all your valuable inventories in one place. As the desiccators do not have any door installed, so everything will be easily visible.

Best security features

If you have to store and access inventory, you may have to consider its security. Desiccators will offer the best security. The shelves are durable and strong. You may not have to consider investing hefty amounts on metal storage units that are secured but not easy to access.

A pass through desiccators will often be provided with a secured chamber that has the outer and inner shells of the chamber coated. This means that the inner and outer shells are always maintained clean.


Easy installation

The entire Desiccator Cabinetcan be installed at the entrance gate as well. So without stepping inside the room, samples can be passed on. If you need to maintain minimum contact when handling the samples, then these desiccators are best to use.

The desiccators are easy to install at any location. You may not have to worry about framing the desiccators on the wall or door frames. They can be placed in the right location of use. You can install the desiccators in between two different rooms or at the main entrance of any testing room.

Advanced security features

In general, pass through desiccators may be equipped with a two-way door system as well. The desiccators can also be made more secure by adding a secured locking system to them. This will guarantee that the desiccators are safer. They can also store any sample of harmful chemical substance.

Apart from this, any other safety feature including retina scan and fingerprint scan feature can also be added to them.

Two-way access system

Any ordinary storage unit may not offer a two-way access system. But when you are using a pass-through type of desiccators then you do not have to worry about maintaining the front and backside facing. The desiccators are provided with a two-way access system. They can be accessed by users from both sides. This makes it easy for anyone to use them in labs and other work areas.

High service life

In general, any quality desiccators will always have an extended life span. They do not get damaged easily. You may not have to think of replacing them for years. They are always considered as a one-time investment. You can also have the desiccators that are having stainless steel doors and metal body. These types can also be provided with a transparent door that is see-through type in the front and the backside.


The best part of using desiccators is that the inner dimension can be adjusted as per needs and specifications. You can add or remove any shelf as per your needs. The racks and other interior accessories are easy to remove and replace types. You can select any number of the optional rack system to use in the desiccators.

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