It is said, actually, it’s a big myth that whatever we do will happen on New Year’s. It will happen for the whole year. I think this is the reason why people make New Year resolutions. But today, we are not talking about resolutions or anything stressful. Today, I am talking about happy things. Actually, I am talking sweetly about sweet dishes. It’s new, means the first day of the year. So we should start it with sweetness by eating sweets, and sweets dishes. If we talk about sweet dishes, there will be uncountable dishes names or desserts names. But today, I will suggest you best among them. And also it should be a wintery dessert. Because the new year comes in winter, in the chilled weather.  So whatever dessert I added to today’s list, it is according to the weather. So I am sure you will love it. I think, now we start, and let’s make all of your mouth watery. 


Gajar is halwa

Gajar is halwa, this is every Indian most favorite dessert in winter. The best part about this dessert, is sweet, tastes healthy, and makes the body warm.  It is made by a red carrot, which is usually found in the winter season, khoya, milk, sugar, lots of desi ghee, cardamon, and dry fruits. You know, no one can say no to this dessert, and the aroma of this dessert, just magical. 


We are talking about the new year desserts. How can we forget the new year cakes? After all, the first dessert we eat in the new year is cake or pastry. You can order a new year cake online, and you can bake it at your home. If you don’t have cake ingredients, you can make new year’s cake from biscuits, also. 

Gulab Jamun 

Gulab Jamun, one of the most staple desserts. Without Gulab Jamun’s every occasion, every celebration is incomplete. If we talk about the Indians, every Indian will say, it’s my favorite. Gulab Jamun is sweet, but the magic of sweetness is unbelievable. And eating hot Gulab Jamun in cold winter is an awesome combo. You should also try this, and yes, you can male it at your home. It is very easy to make in an hour. And yes, make some Gulab Jamun and to your loved ones on New Year. Just like you

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Moong dal ka halwa 

Moong dal is halwa, again a very popular and delicious winter dessert. It is made by moong dal, khoya, lots of desi ghee, sugar, and dry fruits. It takes some time to be ready. But it is said that, if you want something good, you have to wait for it with patience. This is one of yummylicious halwa. If you have never tried, go make and enjoy it with your family in the new year.  You will get lots of good compliments for this dessert.  


Malpua, it is the tastiest and every occasion friendly dessert. It is like a pancake, which is in sugar syrup. And its taste is just mind-blowing. In fact, in so many special festivals like Holi, Diwali, it is important to make them. You should definitely try this on the occasion of the new year. 

Chocolate Brownie

Brownie is perfect for those, who don’t like heavy cream cake or pastry. It also belongs to the cake family. You can order chocolate brownie and flowers from the florist in Bangalore, for your beloved. If you want you can make it at your home. If you want to eat something chocolatey but not chocolate. If you want to eat chocolate cake, but without whipped cream frosting. This is perfect for you. 

Rose barfi 

Rose barfi is one of the most delicious barfis. If you have never eaten this, you will say what is this. But once you will taste it, I assure you, you will become a fan of it. In fact, it is one of the easiest barfis to make at home. You can surprise your sweetheart by rose and order the best flower delivery in delhi. I tell you, both of your new years will not only be sweet but also romantic.

These are dessert lists that will make your new year sweeter, and memorable. It will not only spread sweet and aromatic vibes in your kitchen but also, in your life. And when you will start your first day of the year, with the sweets dishes. The sweetness of desserts will resolve in your life. And it will change every bitter memory into sweet memories. So make yummy desserts for the loved ones, and fill your tummy with sweetness. 

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