For years, one version of the American dream has been touring this beautiful country in an RV. Once considered a lifestyle primarily reserved for retirees, the love of motorhome and mobile living has now been embraced by younger Americans. In fact, the 35-54 age group has recently taken the top spot of the RV market!

If you have doubts about the significance of the RV industry, consider this—it contributes over $114 billion a year to the economy in the United States. That’s billion

with a “b”! Over one of every 10 American households owns an RV. That’s a large portion of the population!

Unsurprisingly, people don’t purchase motorhomes just to look at them—they put them to use and hit the road! On average, RVers travel 4,500 miles a year. Not only is RVing a nostalgic way to experience the world with your loved ones, but it’s also a cost-effective option. You can save 21-64% in travel costs over other vacationing methods thanks to the affordability of camping.


The popularity of this lifestyle makes a lot of sense in the United States thanks to the amazing sites to be seen and the fantastic infrastructure that connects the country. From Yellowstone National Park to Walt Disney World, there is no shortage of wonderful vacation destinations in the United States.

Thanks to the increasing cross-generational popularity of RVing, the need for metal buildings is also booming. When not in use, your RV investment needs to be protected from the elements and have a safe place to be stored, maintained, and repaired. RV metal carports are the best way to keep your motorhome in prime condition and ready for the next adventure.

Get Carports is the go-to dealer of metal buildings for your RV, and, with a nationwide distribution network, can get you the best deal on the perfect RV carport for you and your precise needs no matter where you are!

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