The real estate industry has been evolving and has kept up with the changing times and using real estate technologies to make it easier for buyer and seller. From actual open houses to virtual open houses. This is trying to get a hand on property technology. Most start-ups use technology to their advantage. This is similar to the real estate industry.

With the demand for real estate still on the rise even with the current situation of the pandemic, these are all achieved with the help of technological advances. How to effectively sell the property by the use of real estate technologies?

Virtual Tours

The virtual tour is a graphical platform that simulates the feeling of walking and exploring the house. It allows potential customers to interact with the house and look at it in depth without needing to be there on-site, which has been the trend together with the use of video description which floor plans.

Real Estate Technologies

In organizing virtual house tours, this is similar to how to prepare for a photo and video session. First is to prepare the property make sure it is nice and clean. Then select the proper equipment to use and the software for the editing. Highly recommended equipment for this job is a panorama or a 360-degree camera and sturdy tripod. Plan the concept of the shots and stage each of the rooms according to that idea. Before creating an image list, take test shots. Once all are in place and it’s time to stitch them together with the use of the editing software such as BoxBrownie

or hire photo editing company like Photo and Video Edits. Then share the virtual tour in listings on social media sites for traffic

Online Transaction Management

As part of property technology or prop tech in real estate, managing transactions can easily be done through a program. It works by keeping a storage log. This document is typically a serial file used to monitor transaction activities. Transaction management use this document to monitor transfers, agree decisions, enlistments, etc. Even during peak of regular operation, transaction managers merely write to the log, so if they malfunction, it reviews the log as soon as it restarts to recover the most current condition.

This simplifies the job that instead of hiring actual people to monitor activities, this technology makes the work less complex. These are some of the functions handled by and done online:

  • Demarcation: Beginning and completing transactions using launch, commit and rollback strategies.
  • The Transaction Context Control: The Transaction Context includes all the details that allow the account manager to control the transaction. The transaction manager is responsible for establishing and linking transaction conditions to the current chain.
  • Coordinating Transaction: Transaction managers typically have the potential to synchronize transfers from multiple entities. This functionality includes a two-phase commit protocol.
  • Recovery from Failure: Transaction administrators are liable for ensuring that services are not left in an unstable condition in the case of a program or device malfunction.

With what has been happening in the world, the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home and home sellers reluctantly opening their houses to strangers who might be bringing the virus with them. Technology has made this possible.

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