About Practice Mate

Practice Mate is an online software provided by Office Ally. The software integrates a number of features including a billing tool. This also includes an EHR and practice management tools. 

According to Practice Mate reviews, the solution offers easy-to-use tools that can help advance practice productivity. Overall, the Practice Mate cost is also considered to be affordable. A lot of the software options are available for free, meaning you can access them at no or minimal cost. 

There is also a Practice Mate demo available. This tool allows you to connect with experts and view how the software can perform in real life. 

The Pros And Cons of Using Practice Mate

Now that we know all about the software, let’s delve into the pros and cons. The software’s features have their own benefits and drawbacks. We will be exploring each feature and its best and more questionable qualities. 

Scheduling appointments

When it comes to the patient scheduling tools, there are a lot of amazing features here. Using Practice Mate, you can make sure all of your practice’s scheduling is automated and running smoothly. You can create columns for each provider, and even based on other criteria. The appointments can also be color-coded for the ease of the practitioners. 


There are also fields available where additional information such as notes can be added. Appointments that recur at a set interval can be adjusted onto the calendar to avoid clashes. You can also easily use the tools to manage practice billing as well. The entire system is remotely accessible and updated with each change across all users. 

In terms of limitations, there are some issues with the appointment scheduling tool. For example, each user doesn’t have the option to change timelines for recurring patient visits. This can cause a bit of a hurdle when it comes to quick changes patients may need. There is also an issue with the payment feature as outstanding balances don’t show up. 

Patient Demographics

You can also use Practice Mate to enter patient demographics, This is easy enough to do using the software. The patient demographics are very easy to enter, and there are automatic options. If you have a signup form enabled through the patient portal, all patients need to do is fill it out. From there, their information is entered into the system database.

This feature can really help you save on time and cut down the manual labor expected from staff. The process of intaking patients can be a time-costly intervention carried out by the front desk staff. Instead, with the software, you save on time and precious work hours. 


However, as far as limitations go, even this powerful feature is not immune. There are some issues regarding default settings for the files created with demographic information. 

Managing Transactions

Setting up transaction processes can also be carried out with this Practice Mate. The software can be used to set up settings that manage transactions by default. You can also assign codes for various diagnoses using this tool. This is something that works best in the setting of a specialized clinic where similar codes are frequently utilized.

You can even add in the transactions as appointments are scheduled, which improves the overall workflow. All of the information is comprehensively shared between platforms so there’s nothing lost. This also ensures that less time is spent carrying out such tasks. 

On the flip side, one con we might see is that the consistent clicking needed can become arduous. You may also need to constantly shift between screens, and there aren’t many shortcuts available to speed things up. 

Processing Claims

Processing claims is a major facility offered by this software. The clearinghouse from Office Ally is one of the most notable software options they offer. Practice Mate integrates into this system and utilizes innovative techniques.

For example, you can always see any rejected claims and make changes to improve the chance that it is accepted. The system also helps you cut down on errors, so there is a higher chance that your claim is accepted. 

However, just like before, you may need to do some hardcore clicking to get to this point. Ultimately, while this may seem like a small issue, it can really slow down your work. This reduces the chances that your clinic will become more efficient. 

Statement Generation

Statements are a big part of the work carried out at practices. These are often sent to patients and payers. The statement can be sent by a number of means, but it is more usual to send statements via mail. However, even shipping statements out can become faster when you are using Practice Mate software. 

When you use the software, you can see all of the statements, new or old. This makes sure you always have a record of what statements have been created. You can also track where the statement is in the postal service. These simple statements are easy to understand and work for a variety of communication needs. 

In terms of drawbacks, there may be one significant issue. You cannot add information like notes or descriptions to the statement. This can cause problems when there is important information that needs to be shared. For example, if you wish to send a message, you would have no space to make that happen. 


Whether these are the tools you are interested in or not, Practice Mate may be a solid choice for small practices. It offers an integrated software suite at a low cost. The software is easy to use, but might be bogged down by clicking and navigating between windows. 

For more information on whether this software is right for you, you can opt for a demo. You also always have the option to read through reviews to form an opinion. 

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