Every day, hundreds of people book airport transfers service. Some enjoy the service, and some don’t. There whom experience didn’t go well, the reasons behind it are many. First of all, they hire the company on urgent basis. Due to this, they don’t get surety whether the company is reliable or not. Also, they unable to find out whether the price company is demanding from them is reasonable or not, and the list of mistakes goes on. So, if you are about to travel for the first time and people are telling you not to hire airport transfer service, don’t listen to them.

There are a few tips that you should follow. In this way you able to hire the right company for the service and during the journey you will not face any other issue.


Get a quotation before booking

Once you contact the company for the service, don’t book the service ASAP. First, get a quote from the company and make sure the price is fixed. It happens many times that the company provided price estimation and didn’t tell that the parking fee is extra, if the driver has to wait, you will have to pay extra and so on. So, don’t forget to make an enquiry about everything, otherwise, later you will be left with no choice but to pay.

Book the service online

It is better if you book the service online, as in this way you get a record for booking. At the time you book the service, make sure you receive all the information from the company. If you don’t get any confirmation from the company, ask them about it. It is vital, as if you face any problem later, you have proof to defend yourself.


Provide the right information to the company

It is important to provide the right details to the company at the time of booking. The information you have to provide to the company is basic. Still, you should double-check everything. The information you provide to the airport transfer company is date and time you need the service. You also have to tell them about the number of passengers. Tell the company right pick up and drop off address. You also need to give terminal information to the company, your contact number, flight number and other information if needed.

Make sure to check the dates twice.

It is very important to make sure that the date you are telling the company is right. It happens many times during international flights people forget that the time zone in another country or city is different. They tell the date according to the time zone of the current city. In this way, a lot of confusion happens, and the company not able to send the driver on time. Here you cannot blame the company, as they arrive at the date that is told by you.

Get meet and greet service

The meet and greet service is offered by almost every company. It is better if you take this service, as it makes it easy for you and the driver to find each other. Those who don’t know about the meet and greet service, it is a service in which driver wait for you at the terminal, holding the nameplate of the client. You able to see it from a distance, thus you don’t have to wait in an airport even for a minute.

Always turn on your phone

It is another important thing that the passenger has to do. As soon the flight land on the airport, turn on your phone, so driver able to contact you in case of an issue. Also, on the phone, you have all the details related to your ride. So, it becomes easy for you to make sure you are travelling in the right car. 

Give your feedback

Once the ride end, always give your sincere feedback. The company always appreciate the feedback from the company, whether it is positive or negative.

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