Roof battens are flat pieces of material that might be made of wood, plastic, or metal. They’re introduced before the tile is laid on the rooftop and may fill more than one need. The perfect establishment technique for roof battens when introducing a tile rooftop relies upon the rooftop material, its slant, and ecological conditions, for example, precipitation, temperature, and wind.

Roof battens are one of those regularly misjudged and ignored parts of house development. In any case, rooftop secures play out some fantastically significant auxiliary capacities to shield your rooftop.

Rooftop battens:

  • Give a breathable space permitting any buildup to be wiped out
  • Increment the basic execution of rooftop bracket frameworks
  • Empower roofing materials to be made sure about immovably to the rooftop
  • Help with the right arrangement of material sheets
  • The decision of rooftop secure material is critical similar to the plan of any strip framework.

This is because strips serve to equally spread burden stresses, for example, wind (elevate and direct stacking) and weight over the rooftop support framework. Rooftops can be dependent upon huge powers particularly during high wind occasions and numerous rooftops have flopped because of the utilization of improper latches or the mistaken decision of secure material. It’s imperative to get the correct exhortation whether you’re supplanting a rooftop or structuring another form.


Wood Rooftop

Wood rooftop secures are the conventional secure material and have effectively stood the trial of time. Wood rooftop secures are suitable for a wide range of material including metal and tile however it is critical to accurately survey the breeze loadings in play in your particular area.

Hardwoods are suggested in high wind territories since latches can be torn out of milder woods. There is a huge contrast too in the measure of pull opposition offered via prepared wood contrasted and greenwood. Numerous individuals overlook that attraction or elevate causes significant breeze harm to rooftops so it is indispensably significant that your architect/originator applies the right computations.


The establishment technique and direction of the boards are controlled by the roofing material, the rooftop pitch, and the ecological conditions that are probably going to experience, for example, wind or day off. Flat secures run opposite to the incline of the rooftop and accordingly tend to trap dampness running underneath the cladding material. Except if it can run under the strips, dampness will dam facing the main secure and run sideways until finding a route through the underlay.

Counter-secure frameworks may here and there be utilized, in which a matrix are of secures that run in the two headings and improve ventilation. By putting protection sheets above rafters there is a more prominent requirement for counter-secures to lessen the virus crossing over the impact of the rafters.

Divider secures

Dividers secures can be utilized to fix cladding materials, for example, tile or shingles. Secures are frequently utilized as a feature of a rain screen framework. Secures may likewise be fitted to within divider developments, fixed to the divider at ordinary spacing’s with plasterboard or drywall screwed to them. This may be fundamental for the establishment of strong divider protection or to cover or smooth over a divider surface.

Roof battens

Roof battens (now and again alluded to as ‘branders’) are normally framed by 50 mm x 50 mm lengths of lumber with 50 x 50 mm counter secures, or with versatile bars opposite to the branders. The roof itself is then joined underneath the boards.

This type of development is normally utilized underneath a solid floor piece, or where a roof is built under a current floor structure for medicinal reasons – may be to improve acoustic execution. Notwithstanding, for the most part, metal lashes or ties give preferred acoustic execution over ceaseless lumber secures as they have less contact zone.

Floor Battens

Battens can be utilized to help flooring completes, like joists, yet the board lays on a strong sub-floor, making a raised floor. Secures utilized in the deck can be moderately huge. A ‘versatile secure’ is lumber secure with a pre-fortified tough layer that can be put underfloor surfaces to lessen sway sound.  

Metal Roof Battens

Metal rooftop batten has been being used for around 40 years. Metal rooftop battens might be utilized with steel or tile cladding. Metal rooftop secures may likewise be utilized with steel or lumber bolster surrounding. Metal rooftop secures offer phenomenal solidarity to weight esteems and is lighter than wood secures. Metal rooftop secures won’t twist or decay nor are they dependent upon the creepy-crawly assault.

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