You just have your wedding only once in your life and everyone wish to do everything in the most lavish way as possible. With the changing trends and modern technology, many of the things have been changed. Similarly, the 8 seater wedding car hire has also taken a new phase of its style. Now you demand luxurious car with many classy toppings. Moreover, it is possible to have all these.

Here are the details why and how can you get a worth-seeing car for your wedding.

Why there is a need to hire a wedding car?

You try your best to make your wedding day special and memorable in every way. Besides, it includes a very important factor is your travelling on the day. It should be quite magnificent. But just for a day, it is very difficult to purchase a brand new car. Wedding car hire has made it possible to travel with all lush facilities. And make the photographs that are worth-seeing after years to. The branded wedding cars add up to personality and simplicity of the couple. Focusing on all these factors the company had launched amazing packages.


What do packages include?

There a wide range of packages which are not only for wedding occasions but are for other events such as cruiser etc. The company has a school of brand cars and news helicopters. The packages and offers include uniform chauffeur (who skill full in driving as well as flying a helicopter). You can customize ribbons with the message of your wish and customize the number plate too. There are also collections of confectioneries with the company that also you can choose your choice. The time duration for owing the car or helicopter is also flexible according to the packages. Moreover, the company focuses on each minor detail to satisfy its customers and be a part of the memorable day.


Which brand cars and helicopters are available?

The company’s lounge is filled with the most expensive cars of the top leading brands. The main hands in hand brand that walk with the company are Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and some more. They all have sponsored the company a lot. The company has two new stylish helicopters available with perfect landing in public centres and private centres.

There is a complete management system online who is managing wonderful bookings.The customer care team available 24 hours, seven days of a week. They are also expert in guiding what would be perfect for your day. Moreover, couples

 How to book one for you?

prefer to visit company lounge to get the complete sight of all the brand new cars. This way they can make their pre-wedding preparations also memorable. There are no restrictions at all in taking pictures. Therefore, the people who visit for booking and have their booking done like to have beautiful picture photographed with other amazing brand cars or helicopters.

All these fantasies in the amazingly affordable price

All these luxurious and lavish facilities are not going to cut your pocket. They all are at very reasonable prices and are completely flexible as you wish. The charge applies just on the time duration that you are wishing to have the accessories. The extra services like uniform chauffeur are mostly available with the packages. Having the confectioneries and drinks upon the arrival is all your choice to avail them as they match your pocket or not.

Phantom Hire has been working for a year. The customers who once hire the company to become the regular ones. And they even prefer their friends and relatives to the company because there is no compromise in the quality of the company’s side.

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