Treasures are not usually bigger gold hoards and the hills of precious gems. A treasure may also be the highly treasured artifact like these Ark of Covenant, Spear of Longinus, Sword of Nuada, Holy Grail or the very precious and small ring with the magical powers.

Magical Ring of King Solomon

Base on the legend, King Solomon the famous had that very precious gold ring. This magical ring wasn’t only precious, but it was also magical. Together with it, Solomon might supposedly control demons and spirits. Out of all the treasures, the ring was regarded as a mystical one.

magical ring of king solomon

It is believed that one day, King Solomon lost this precious ring. He lost it in that water of the Jordan River and considered the ring to be lost forever until the fisherman gave it back to him. He located the ring inside a fish’s body. This is a precious magic ring that was thought to have been buried alongside the corpse of King Solomon. But, nobody has located King Solomon’s tomb yet. Based on a legend, the one that will locate the ring will then be the leader of the world.


Ring of Protection of Howard Carter

Howard Carter is an archaeologist who in the year 1922 had located the Tutankhamen tomb. At the time, everyone was amazed because of the truth that this King Tut’s tomb curse did not affect the archaeologist. It’s believed that Carter possessed a ring unearthed in Assuan in a tomb of the priest named as Jua. The ring has been bought in 1860 of marquis d’Agrain an Egyptologist.

The ring had numeric figures wrapping it like the triangles and three straight lines. The ring figures had been arranged based on the principles of the esoteric knowledge. The style was meant to guard the person from black magic, danger, and curses. Now, the ring is identified as “ring of Ra”, it is thought that it was initially designed by the public of the lost urban of Atlantis. Base on the same theory, the Egyptians are being regarded as the descendants of those people. As with the ring, the explanation is that this follows the Radionics principles which can have the negative or the positive effects on the personality that wears it.


Charlemagne & the Love of the Magic Ring

Believe to be subjective of the magic ring power Charlemagne fall in-love with the German lady. He loved her that much that he started to neglect the affairs of state just to be with the German lady. But, one day, the lady died. Charlemagne keeps on worshiping the dead body that he refused to submerge. One day, that Charlemagne was away, Archbishop Turpin goes inside the bedroom. Then, he noticed there the precious ring on a corpse that he seized with him.

magical ring of Charlemagne

The moment that the ring was taken out, the dead body started to rot. When Charlemagne’s returned, all he was the smelly awful corpse. He had her body buried, but one more strange thing started to happen. Charlemagne started to direct his ardor towards Archbishop Turpin. Turpin has worn the ring and believe that there something not right about the ring. Therefore, just so he can escape Charlemagne’s advances, Turpin threw the ring into the lake. Base of the legend, Charlemagne then fall in that lake and ordered the magnificent palace should be constructed near it. It is now the urban of the Aix-la-Chapelle, wherein Charlemagne was obscured upon his death.

Magical Ring of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was aware of how he can take advantage of the Mongolian magic. During the 12th century, Khan reigned over their great Mongolian Empire, while some believe it is because of the powerful magic ring. This ring had the ruby engraved with the magic symbol and this was worn by mutually Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, his nephew. They were always wearing it on the forefinger of their right hand. You can read more like this fascinating facts, myths and legends here.

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