In the fast-paced, digitally-driven world and with everything shifting online for all services and industries, why not have an on-demand truck booking app like Porter that majorly helps your users? The idea of developing such an app is, since everyone leverages the Internet to connect and interact with others worldwide, why not have an app that helps interact with the expert packers?

This is the go time for entrepreneurs to develop and scale their business and ideas by building a movers app like Porter, ensuring users can avail remote access and schedule with expert packers with the comfort of their homes.

An overview
Porter is an online packer and movers app that allows users to find delivery service providers of their own choice and schedule shifting appointments online. This online logistics app will enable them to handle activities like shifting client’s goods, lifting machinery and heavy equipment, and many more aligned with the users’ needs. It is an internet-based service that helps to book/schedule appointments with the best service providers available.

How does it work?
It is a packer and movers app where the app lets users book and schedule the shifting process with experienced professionals conveniently. The app also has a specialized option by getting to know the details of their experience, ratings, feedback, etc.

What has emerged from the urge to use a logistic app like Porter?
Be it a large or a small enterprise, everyone knows the importance of logistics and its effectiveness. To run the business smoothly and effectively, More often during the shifting or relocation, the companies do not get their products, especially sensitive and valuable products delivered on time, delaying other business operations. This issue has persisted for an extended period. The emergence of apps like Porter has provided solutions to such problems by offering timely delivery of goods with speedy and safe delivery.

The on-demand mover’s app has solved businesses’ problems and helped users transport their items with ease while shifting between homes. If you want to build an on-demand movers app, you need to understand the app development costs and the features to have in the app to elevate your business in the movers and packers industry.


Costs involved in building a logistic app like Porter

The cost of Porter clone app development depends on the complexity of the project and also depends on various factors.

  • Special features and operations

The number of features and operations included in the app with practical usage and design decides the app development cost to a great extent. The parts to be added in the logistics will be explained in the coming section.

  • Design of the app

The app’s UI/UX design plays a crucial part in capturing your audiences’ attention, enhancing their overall app experience.

  • Add ons

Adding a unique or an advanced feature to your packers and movers app adds to the development cost of building a packer and movers app.

  • Building with the latest technology stack

To have a significant and engaging logistics app, build with the latest technology advancements. This plays a significant factor that determines the cost of developing and the app’s success by reaching the audience globally.

Key features to include in the logistics app like Porter

Splash screen
Having an interactive loading screen helps users access your app for a more extended period because almost all users prefer the app to be visually appealing and attractive.

Voice/ chat option
Develop the packers and movers app that helps connect users with the desired delivery agents via free voice calls and in-app chat, making communication effortless and convenient for both parties.

Work History
Ensure to have the packer’s past experiences with fellow users to present in the app for the user’s preference.

Ensure users and delivery agents to cancel, book, or reschedule the booking. Also, for a better customer experience, allow having a refund according to the refund agreement and policy.

Users can view the reviews shared by the other customers to address the pain points or maintain the service quality.

Refer and earn
Let your app users become your brand ambassadors. Offer reward points to users who successfully refer your app to their circle.

Easy tracking
The first thing the application should have is accurate transportation tracking. The GPS helps customers and companies to be updated with the status of the whole vehicle transportation process, and GPS assists applications to keep them informed with the location of the current vehicle and knows the expected shipment of goods.

Movers for Admin Panel
Ensure your app to have the following features that help the admin manage the whole process

  1. Dashboard Management
  2. Manage Drivers
  3. Manage Customers
  4. Vehicle Management
  5. Accept / Reject Review Requests
  6. Allocating tasks
  7. Manage Wages & Commissions
  8. Reporting & Analysis

Salient features for the Driver application portal

  • Accept and cancel orders.
  • View Daily & Weekly Earnings
  • Accept / Reject Tasks Assigned by Admin
  • Check Order History
  • Change of Availability
  • Receive payment

Summing up,
Developing the on-demand logistics app incorporating the above-customized features and functions in the app helps improve your app. It scales your logistics business to a great extent in the market.

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