Thermal wear is clothes that are usually used in the winter to withstand the cold weather in the winter seasons. These clothes are also known as thermal inner-wear. It is tight-fitting inner clothing which keeps our body warm. Generally, these clothes are not required in the southern part of India as it has a hot and humid climate, these clothes are mostly used in northern parts of the country where the climate usually remains cold throughout the year.

Mostly it is made up of wool or synthetic fibres like polyester or cotton or its combination. Cotton thermal wear is the cheapest, but it is not suitable for people in countries where the temperature is below zero degree Celsius most of the time. In those places, thermal wear is made of wool or artificial fibres are used. There are many thermal wear online india

which are widely available, so what are the benefits and drawbacks of these thermal wears.

How do these Thermal Wear Protect You?

Thermal wear acts as an insulator between your body and surrounding cold air. That means cold air cannot come in contact with your body. So you feel warm when you use thermal wear. It can be safely used only during extreme winter.

Benefits Of Thermal Wear

  • They protect against cold weather conditions. There are many kinds of thermal wear available like for mild, moderate and extreme conditions you can choose according to the weather condition.
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  • Any kind of clothes can be worn over these thermals so it doesn’t damage your fashion and also protects from cold.
  • Wearing multiple layers of clothes can also make you sweat a lot and also make you feel uncomfortable but using one single thermal wear can give you protection from cold and also make you feel comfortable as these are made from lightweight materials like wool and cotton.
  • It also provides comfort in an outdoor activity like cycling or jogging as these materials are elastic and easily fit to the shape of your body and these materials also absorb sweat and also keeps you cool when doing these kinds of outdoor activities.
  • There are wide varieties of thermal wear that are available like kids thermal wear and ladies thermal wear etc.
  • Thermal wear also saves your money for example if you wear them indoors you don’t need the electric warmer for your house which in turn can save both energy and money.

Drawbacks Of Using Thermal Wears

  • They can shrink in size if proper washing care is not followed.
  • Some thermal wear also slacks depending on the usage.
  • They can only be used in the winter seasons.
  • It also takes a lot of space in the wardrobe.
  • Sometimes skin rashes may occur due to the friction caused by the material on our skin.
  • Special detergents are needed to wash these thermal wears.


Thermal wear is the best option for winters. It can easily save you from the cold weather but these clothes are of no use in the summers and also have some drawbacks but overall it is the best thing which can help you to cope with the extremely cold weather during the winter seasons.

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