Although it may not seem like it, 95% of the world population does not know it (or does not), however due to the existing Covid19 pandemic, it is well known that washing hands is the most effective way to face the virus. So in this post I will show you how to wash your hands correctly.

Hand washing is a more effective technique to kill viruses and bacteria, since soap produces a non-stick effect on our hands, causing all bacteria to fall, and viruses are also disintegrated, because soap destroys the fine layer of fat that allows viruses to be dormant in the hands and objects in common use, such as door handles, pencils, computers and especially in the toilet.

Hand washing technique

Fortunately, the WHO has shown us that it is enough to wash your hands for 20 seconds on the entire surface of the hands: the palms of the hands, between the fingers, the nails and the back of the hands. In a video they have published how this procedure is carried out correctly.


In times of pandemic viruses, such as in the case of the Covid19 coronavirus, it is very important to wash your hands as often as possible, since it is the only way in which we guarantee that we eliminate the virus from our hands.

Where are the viruses found?

It is a somewhat complicated question to answer, because they can be anywhere, especially those that produce constant contact with people’s hands: computers, cell phones, door handles, brushes, pencils, kitchen instruments, musical instruments, money (with many viruses), in the hands of other people and in many other places where there is casual contact of people.


In the case of Covid19, deep cleaning of the place is recommended, such as the use of chlorine on the floors, cleaning with alcohol those places where the virus could hide. And also not to say hello, since people usually touch their faces and viruses are transmitted when our hands touch our mouth, nose and eyes.

Alternatives to hand washing

Definitely hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of contact diseases, however sometimes there is no way to get alcohol or water, for this you can take some measures to avoid exposure to viruses and germs.

1- Antibacterial gel: Eliminates up to 99% of germs and viruses on the hands, it is not recommended if the hands are very dirty, in this case the best is antibacterial soap.

2- Use of gloves: When the activity is of greater health risk, it is a good technique to use latex gloves to avoid touching with your hands any object that could have viruses or germs.

3- Alcohol: Although it is not so easy to use, it provides an effective way of killing viruses and germs, in addition to being able to be placed on objects that may be contaminated.

4- Antibacterial sprays: They clean the environment of viruses and bacteria, however, since they are not in direct contact, they do not provide the elimination of germs on the hands (unless they are thrown directly on the hands, depending on the product).

Some additional precautions

Some additional recommendations to avoid getting infected by viruses and bacteria (in pandemics like Covid19)

  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Avoid greeting direct contact people, we can say hello with a hello and say goodbye with a see you later.
  • You should drink more liquids.
  • Avoid concurrence, be separated at least 1 to 2 meters per person.
  • Shopping only one of the family.
  • Avoid sneezing in the hands and being in public places (sneeze in the forearm and better with a mask).
  • At any indication of the symptoms of the coronavirus, such as temperature above 39 degrees, dry cough and headache, seek adequate medical help according to the guidelines indicated by the government.

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