To celebrate every special day, everybody has their own way. If I talk about the New Year, everyone has their own specific way to celebrate. Some people love to celebrate their new year with their friends. Some people love to celebrate their new year with their family. Some people love to celebrate their new year with their special ones. And some people love to celebrate their new year with strangers. Just like their choice of people is different, the way of celebration is also. Some people go on vacation, with a special one, friends, family or alone. Some people love to go to clubs and pubs. Some people love to do a small get together with their own people, instead of throwing big parties. And what can be better than a family picnic for the new year? If you are also the one, who loves to celebrate the new year with family. This is perfect for you. So today, I will guide you on how you can organize a mind-blowing family picnic for the new year. And how can you do lots of fun, and make it unforgettable?


Make a list of things

2,3 days before the picnic make a list of things you need for a picnic. Because of Christmas and New Year, some shops are closed, and some shops have lots of gatherings. So you can order online. And yes, there are a few things which you can not buy 2 days before the new year. Like you can’t buy new year cakes  two days before the new year. You need it fresh, you need fresh flowers also. But just like cake, you can order new year flowers online, at your picnic destination.  You can’t buy fried snacks two days ago. That’s why I said first to make the list of things you will require for a picnic. Then divide the things, you can buy 2 before the picnic-like wafers, chocolate, board games, mat, picnic basket, etc.


List of people and the picnic venue

These two things are very important for a good picnic. After making the list of things, make the list of people. Because after making the list, you will understand which things you need. Especially related to food, mats, etc. And, you have to book the vehicle also for reaching the picnic venue. Now, the main point venues, it is one of the most difficult tasks. Look, the main fun of the picnic is in an open area. So choose a destination, which should be open and close to nature. And yes, because it is the winter season, so the place should receive sunlight properly. And yes, the venue should be at a distance from your home a maximum of 2 hours. Because it is winter, sunrise happens a little late and sunsets happen early. So if the venue is at a great distance, then your time will be spent on traveling. When you all do fun. That’s why I said, the venue should not be farther from your home.


Food plays a very important role in the picnic. Before, talking about the food for the picnic. Don’t forget to order fresh flowers from the florist in Bangalore. Flowers will add an extra attractive charm to the picnic. When you all are seated in a circle, and some fresh flowers, food, etc will be in the middle. Imagine how beautiful it will look. And yes, make some snacks yourself, instead of heavy lunch. Because you all will be busy doing fun, playing games, clicking pictures. So you all will need some snack time. So you can make at your home cheese balls, mashed potatoes roll, mushroom stuff, chocolate balls, paneer tikka, some beverage, etc. And yes don’t forget to order cake online in delhi, or wherever you will go. Because without these two things, getting New Year to feel is quite difficult.


Passing the pillow, dumb charades, cricket, Volly ball, do mimicry of each other, truth and dare, badminton, cricket, antrakshari, etc games you all can play. And yes, don’t forget to carry a music system with yourself or a portable speaker and camera. Because without music, the picnic will not be a real picnic.

Here is the plan of a perfect New Year family picnic. Now I have given all the ideas for planning a picnic. I told you everything from the venue to food. So now go, and spend a great time with your lovely family. And create some special memories. Start your first day of New Year with your own people happily.

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