The plumbing leaks are wasting trillion gallons of yearly water supply. That is equal to the 40 million numbers of swimming pools. The majority of the leaks do not even need any professional attention. Knowing the fundamentals of plumbing is a must in every house.

How Does the Plumbing Work? Basics of Plumbing

Home plumbing is a straightforward thing. The casual gaze in the interwoven net of pipes and the valves will seem overwhelming and can bear with me. Considering some of the fundamentals of plumbing basics can see that you navigate a mesh like a professional.

House plumbing consisted of two systems:

  • Water supply system
  • DWV or the Drain-water vent systems

Water Supply System

The water supply is the system of pipes which brings fresh water in the house. The method is highly-reliant of pressure. The water in the pipes comes from one of the two sources – the wells and the city water.

City water – it enters in your house from the humongous pipe or ‘the major pipe’ that is normally parallel to the street. When your connection to a main has the problem, call the professional. Damages to a main line will result in the civil lawsuits and the hefty fines.


Wells – this is where the people that do not have the access to the city water normally take their supply of fresh water. Water should then be pumped in the home in the high pressures. The decreased pressure keeps the water from attaining the highest and the farthest sides of your house.

Faucets and running showers are usually the primary victims of low pressures. Factors affecting the pressure vary from the leaks to the blockages. When the leak is made by the loose connection, it can be easily handled in the house.

On the other hand, when a leak requires re-piping, your best option is to phone a professional plumber. The major pipe is being connected to the water meter. There is the shutoff valve just before and after the meter. A valve cuts off a water supply system which makes it very useful when doing the repairs.

Here are the common troubles that are the face of the system of water supply.

Maintaining the System of Water Supply

  • Properly installed piping is a real leak-proof. However, the system disintegrates with time. With lots of cases, the plumber can find it important to do the complete overhaul of a plumbing.
  • The water supply systems are performing optimally when the pressure is high. Rather, it makes the system sensitive to damage.
  • The leak in a drainage system can only create damp-related problems. In contrast, the water supply system leaks take things even a step further: It is affecting the water pressure. The low pressure will not make it possible to run flush toilets and showers.
  • Obviously, leaks are mostly harmful to the water supply system. Because of the sensitivity of a system, its troubles are greatly handled by the experts.
Fundamentals of Plumbing
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