A double-ended bath with panels is an essential aspect of a modern bathroom and can alter the look of a room entirely. There is a bath to accommodate anyone with so many unique designs and shapes. If you put in an enclosure, that is a good option, but how do you wash and bath your kids?? First, children dislike shower cubicles because they feel isolated and you will not have plenty of water in the enclosure without getting their kids in the shower. So, adding a shower enclosure instead of a bath in the toilet is not home. It will give me a picture of a busy house where you are doing things faster. 

Double Ended Bath

However, a bath in your bathroom would make your house feel much like home, why? Since you really do not plan to spend 5-10 minutes when taking a bath, you prefer to spend 15 plus minutes, and these should be worth spending. This would also be easy for you to give a bath to your children and puppies because of water accumulation. 


Here you can find some double-ended bath with panels fitting tips helpful to upgrade your current bathroom. Keep reading until the end. 

Planning a bath 

  1. First, it is necessary to read the bathroom instructions because the design is different and so they instal it. 
  2. Turn the bath upside down before removing the protective film from the double-ended bath with panels. This helps you to attach the foot to the bath without scratching the bath surface. 
  3. To correctly join the feet, use the instruction manual. That may only be the case with the frames supplied for post-setting of the feet, or it can be much more complicated; acrylic baths have a frame supporting the leg folds to be mounted. 
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  5. If the floor surface is not equal, the height of the feet will need to be adjusted when you are ready to install.

Check the Taps and Overflow

Before the bath is in place, they should fit taps. 

  1. To build a waterproof seal around the tap foundation, use screening gaskets. 
  1. 2.If the tap is placed in the prepared hole, put it with a nut. This nut keeps up the bath tap so it must be healthy but not locked over. 
  2. Add the overflow pipe, avoid the flooding of the bath so it is necessary to have it properly mounted. 
  3. Before putting it in the bath, apply a small amount of silicone sealant to the waste pipe, so it can remain water-resistant and then plug into the waste pipe. It can remove the waste from the bath by the waste pipe.

Fixing the bath 

After you have installed the taps and overflow pipes, you will be ready to put the bath in the correct position. 

  1. You should adjust the feet to the depth of the water. Using a degree to confirm. 
  2. Mark the wall where the panels should be installed. 
  3. It can support the floor underneath the bath with some wooden boards to distribute the weight over a wider surface. 
  4. Tighten your feet to boards or floors to ensure that the pipes below the surface do not injure them. 
  5. Test the hidden pipes on the wall and carefully fasten the wall brackets. 
  6. Fit the panels with the screwing of small spaces to the ground and screw small pilot hole panels to the wood at its base. 
  7. Apply the adhesive to the bath edges where a bath is connected to the wall. Before doing this, make sure that there is no dust on the surface. Wipe off a wet cloth excess sealant.
  8. Adjust the panels under the bath with the same length and shape. 

Finding the right supplier 

In the UK, you can easily find out the bathroom store, which offers a complete package of double-ended bath with panels. Search for coupons and discounts to make it even more reasonable. Have fun with online buying.

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson

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