Plastic comes with an abundance of features and has widespread everyday uses. It can come in solid, liquid, or even gas. For someone, it fulfils a shopper’s purpose, and for others, it is a source of joy in the form of toys.

Plastic is a requirement in modern households as well as at industrial level. A large number of industries are involved in the production or usage of various plastic materials.

Polystyrene and high impact polystyrene are two different kinds of plastics. They are commonly defined as a similar unit, but in reality, their characteristics differ.

Difference Between Polystyrene and High Imp act Polystyrene

Polystyrene is hard plastic, synthesized by aromatic hydrocarbon polymer. Its extra efficient characteristic of shape transformation has been taken as a significance in designing toys, automobile parts, gardening pots, and many others.

On the other hand, high impact polystyrene, generally pronounced as HIPs, is a modified form of polystyrene combined with 5 to 10% rubber. The rubber material in HIP increases the elasticity and durability and conserve quality features. The high impact polystyrene has incredible resisting potential to heat, which makes it a worthy upgrade over the former element, polystyrene.

Difference Between Polystyrene and High Impact Polystyrene

High impact polystyrene expects minor processing. It is an amorphous polymer, and therefore it shrinks and warps less. It is widely recognised in the industry for sustaining paint. The material presents a stunning appearance when screen printing and lithography is applied.

Its recycling ability is extraordinary. The distinctive quality of thermal resistance of high impact polystyrene adds additional value to it.


It holds its properties for a long duration, and the industries take full advantage of this aspect.  A large number of manufacturers prefer using high impact polystyrene due to this advantageous feature.

Moulding of high impact polystyrene permits the structure to take any shape and allows usage for several purposes. Its bending capacity opens the gate of various developments in the plastic industry.

Application of High Impact Polystyrene

High impact polystyrene is ideal for numerous usage and has an all-purpose output; hence it accomplishes the demands of almost every industry.

  •  Application in the food packaging industry

Food packaging industry evaluates the most value of high impact polystyrene. It is implicated in the covering of dairy items, meat trays, egg cartons, and various other food products.

  •  Usage in the electrical and electronics industry

High impact polystyrene is used in the electrical and electronics industry like no other materials. From television to refrigerators, it is all inhibited with this type of polystyrene. The manufacturers of electrical goods are fond of high impact polystyrene because of it furnish and relatively gloomy surface, maneuverability, and strength.

  • Medical equipment

 The medical field has welcomed high impact polystyrene because of its wide usage in Petri dishes, waste canisters, pipette, etc. The material comes with optimum structural transformability, making it favourable for numerous medical applications.

Reasons for the Widespread Usage of High Impact Polystyrene

High impact polystyrene is a worthy plastic and assures benefits to a great extent.

  • A versatile and rigid type of plastic
  • Outstanding insulating property
  • Excellent fabrication
  • Enough thermal resistance
  • Gluing and painting are manageable
  • Higher stability and effortless moulding
  • Accessible at an affordable cost

High impact polystyrene is a more competent plastic than polyvinyl, polyethylene, and polypropylene, thanks to its manifold of uses. Its reliable quality and tough character have attained the market value. The low expense also appeals to the industries to achieve their tasks at reasonable prices. The combination of quality and flexibility of high impact polystyrene are the primary reasons behind its popularity among the manufacturers worldwide.

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