Construction Company may be defined as business or enterprise or company developing buildings, housing complex, path, road, restaurants, clubs or any other type of construction projects. Similarly, Colonelz Constructions Private Limited launched their first project of constructions in Gurgaon. Colonelz is renowned Construction Company in Gurgaon. The company offers construction services both for residential and commercial projects. The company started their first construction in 2004 and the building is 15 years old. They are maintaining strength and quality of construction of buildings. Colonelz started their business with constructions. But, gradually, they have diversified in related fields like architecture, interior designing.


Construction of residential complex

Colonelz is Construction Company offering services both in residential and commercial projects. People always intend to achieve dream home which will be as per their own choices to live freely. So, Colonelz always try to fulfill the desires of home owners by completion of quality residential homes within their budget. Colonelz is Gurugram Construction Company in Haryana. The government of Haryana has decided to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram. So, both the places are same. So, from now onwards, Gurgaon will be called as Gurugram. The Construction Company may offer some best options of construction of houses which are available with skilled technologies. These options of constructions are as follows: 

  • Wooden framing-Many people prefer wooden constructions during building their houses. The reason behind is low cost. Another cause behind is versatility of designs. Wooden beams are used during constructions. These are interconnected by nails and screws. 
  • Steel framing-Steel structures are used in housing constructions as per desires of home owners. It will look like grey colors. The techniques adopted for interconnection of frames are similar to wooden techniques. Steel structures hold longer durability and fewer drawbacks. Steel frames are costlier than wooden frames. The structures are also stronger than wooden frames. 
  • Masonry-In this type of constructions, blocks of stone or bricks are used in wind prone area to absorb shocks of wind. Woods or steel framing may be damaged in wind prone areas. The weight of stone framing is high and can resist the thrust of wind. 
  • Concrete-The construction framing is made up of concrete with casting plate. This holds longer durability and higher strength.
  • Green Techniques-This method of construction is availed for eco-friendly environment. People, who intend to live in greeneries, can allow this method of construction to have energy efficient homes.

Commercial constructions

Construction Company in Gurgaon has adopted expertise knowledge in commercial complexes. These may be hotels, restaurants, offices, retail buildings etc. Besides the constructions of commercial complexes, these may need some extra work on permission of drawings or designs, supply and purchases of materials, building codes adherence and zonal coding has to be done for safety in future. Colonelz Constructions Private Limited develops commercial complexes in three types of scales. These are small scale, medium scale and large scale commercial constructions. Small scale constructions require less effort rather than other medium and large scale constructions.  

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