On 16 September 2019, Inuit released a new update for QuickBooks Desktop, Payroll, and Enterprise. The update provides users with automated options so they can manage finances faster. While the demand for cloud hosting is continuously increasing, QuickBooks Account Software Edition is a favorite among users. In this blog, we will discuss the various advantages that QuickBooks Desktop 2020 offers.

How QuickBooks 2020 Is More reliable than the Previous Versions

If you didn’t switch to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019 last year, you must consider switching to the 2020 version. The benefits of the latest release include –

Efficient Money Management

One notable feature that QuickBooks Desktop 2020 offers is automatic payment reminder emails. Users only need to select content or edit content according to specific customers and the rest will be used care of by the software. In addition, it allows users to select the date of the reminder, modify the dates, and review the email. Once the dates have been selected, the software will generate a signal when it comes time to send the reminder.

Adding customer PO and purchase order numbers to the subject line of the invoice email can also now be done automatically. The idea behind this feature is providing quick information to customers so that they are able to pay faster. First, users had to manually search for PO numbers and then add them to the subject line of the invoice email.


Another feature is the ability to combine multiple emails instead of sending the same invoice email to the same customer. In earlier versions, users had to rely on third-party platforms for combining multiple invoices.

All these functions are available in the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 version of the US, UK, and Canada.

Upgrades to Improve Efficiency

Data visibility has been a common issue in all the versions of QuickBooks. But now, the users can easily collapse the columns in reports and present the data they want their clients and stakeholders to see. The modification is simple and saves a lot of time


The Help menu now has a Smart Help feature that allows the user to connect with a support professional through a call-back and live-messaging option. The shortcut of accessing this feature is the F1 key on the keyboard. If you’re using QuickBooks Pro 2019 or any other older version, you will realize that this option offers better support and assistance.

The search functionality is also better and improved now. Users can rapidly search for open company files in the QuickBooks Desktop 2020. A piece of good news for users in the US is that they can access new software updates directly from within the software. Also for the networks like 192.168.l.254.

As reported by Intuit, they get an excessive number of calls by customers during the time of the update. It was a time-consuming process to guide all the users as the process is long with six to nineteen steps. This issue can now be avoided as the upgrades take place within QB Desktop now. Previously, the customer had to depend on expert guidance to perform upgrades but now they can do that by themselves. It only takes a few clicks and the process is no longer lengthy.

New Features in QuickBooks Payroll 2020

The features are available only for customers in the US for now. The new version enables users to check and view the status of payroll. They can verify the time and date of each payroll to ensure appropriate payroll processing. Furthermore, employees too can view the status of their direct deposit now.

The employee self-setup is also an extraordinary feature in QuickBooks Desktop Pro Payroll. This allows employees to add their personal information by themselves so that the payroll process is quicker. In case, the employer wishes to perform the set-up then too the process has become simpler with the number of steps reduced from sixty to five.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 – Platinum Edition

If you are a platinum edition user, then you will get the following benefits in the 20.0 edition:-

  • Alternate Vendors: Now, there is a single information hub with vendor contact pricing data information. Accountants or business owners can make purchase orders easily as the vendor information will be included automatically.
  • Landed Cost: Users can view the actual product costs by including duties, freight, insurance and other costs by value, quantity, volume, or weight. This way, business owners can make better sales decisions and make greater profits.
  • Express Pick-Pack: There is a single workflow for completing the picking and packing operations.


In this blog, I will tell you all the new basic information about the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2020. I hope my information is useful for QuickBooks users. If you get more information about QuickBooks and our support services contact us on QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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