What are floor graphics exactly?

Floor stickers : or decals are self-adhesive and feature images, logos text, and patterns. Being easily removable, they make a fantastic solution for temporary installations. Also, they are highly durable and can stand up to dirt and friction.

Heritage Printing and Graphics is a leading company and known for manufacturing striking floor stickers at affordable prices. Our floor decals have the following features:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy removal and installation
  • Custom print services
  • Permanent and temporary solutions available
  • Speak on any surface
  • Flame resistant

How can you use custom floor stickers?

: There is a range of versatile solutions available when it comes to printed floor stickers. These decals are used in offices, events, outdoors, and more.

  • Wayfinding
  • Branding
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Removal and installation

Our floor graphics are easy to remove and install. For the best application and durability of the product, it is essential to apply the stickers to a clean, dust-free, and dirt-free floor.

Installation process: Floor stickers and graphics from Heritage Printing and Graphics are printed on self-adhesive vinyl. Hence, it makes the overall installation process quite easier. All you need is to peel and stick.

However, if you need help, we are always ready to serve you. We have experienced technicians who can help you to set up the decals as per your preferred location and position.

Removal process: Floor decals are easy to remove by simply pulling and lifting from the corners. Moreover, the adhesive will lead to no residue at all.

Why should businesses opt for floor graphics? : Capturing the attention of customers is not the only use of floor stickers. There are several other reasons for which business houses prefer to use these decals. Let’s summarize them below:

Direct traffic : Another benefit of using floor details is to help users to locate your products by providing them with the required directions. This is helpful when individuals are facing difficulty in trying to locate the specific service and product being provided by you. When they cannot locate what they are actually looking for, it might affect their decision to purchase. A little assistance from your end by showing the directions via floor graphics will be definitely appreciated. It also serves as a guide in large stores for indicating exits, washrooms, etc.


Promoting sales and in-store products

Customized floor decals : can be used in the form of permanent or temporary stickers that make them the ideal products for promoting goods, sales, vehicles, and services, for proclaiming continual deals or a selected period.

In-door specials are always popular. We have witnessed how shocking decisions are taking drastic changes among customers across the world. Free samples and price discounts are considered the most common promotional methods for install services or influencing purchases.

Artistic touch : Floors can be defined as a blank business canvas and can offer the ‘it’ factor required for business expansion. Custom floor stickers can amplify the aesthetic of your office space and can be used in the form of ornaments, decorative elements, room accents, and colorful visuals. At Heritage Printing and Graphics , you can get the large format custom floor stickers designed to add a bold, creative and eye-catching twist to the regular tiled or normal wooded commercial space.

Inform, surprise, and delight. : When you use related floor stickers, they speak on behalf of you. They reinforce and support your brand as well as convey relevant details, captivate attention, and embellish your space. At the same time, they can also relay other crucial information about your company – information that would not meet the eyes otherwise.

You should consider the minute pieces and weights that make your company unique – its figures, founding date, first sale, featured publications, and more. This essential information can build a story that unfolds in the form of floor graphics – your customers would not forget soon. You can also surprise customers by including the following unique custom floor art:

  • Quirky industry or company facts
  • Industry distinctions and awards you have achieved
  • Your company values and mission statement
  • Genuine facts about your firm

Communicate the aforementioned details organically and seamlessly. Henceforth, everyone from your passive clients and visitors to return customers will get a chance to connect with your brand, feeling to be a part of the enduring success of your company.

How can you get your floor decals printed without hassle? : You can contact one of our project managers who can guide you in designing the appropriate floor decals according to your business needs. We can use graphics, print text, and your company logo uniquely grab the attention of your esteemed customers. Moreover, if you have any particular design or idea in your mind, share it with our experts, and they will provide you with a custom solution depending on your requirements.

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