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Why Your Pulmonology Practice Needs an EHR Software 

If you are a pulmonologist currently wondering how you can better your medical practice and optimize your day to day operations then you are in the right place. In this piece, we will tell you about how you can do exactly this. As a pulmonologist you need an EHR software that caters specifically to your needs and does a good job at helping you manage your practice. 

With a pulmonology EHR you can do everything much more easily; from ordering lab tests for your patients directly from your medical EMR to being able to choose and customize your templates so that they match your needs and style instead of the other way around. In this piece, we will tell you about some of the top rated EHR software available in the market right now which you can employ at your pulmonology practice and benefit from. 

Top 5 EHR for Pulmonology Practice 


AdvancedMD happens to be one of the most popular EHR software in the market. The software has a multitude of great features which will help you run your medical practice seamlessly! The software has a wonderful appointment scheduling feature. This feature automatically checks for patient and physician availability as well as exam room and apparatus availability before it sets an appointment This helps avoid any inconveniences that might occur. 


The other feature in this top rated EHR software we want to tell you about is the credit card processing feature which enables patients to pay their bills online and with their cards immediately. This feature is incredibly helpful as a lot of times patients prefer to pay with credit cards but if you can’t accept them this can be an issue. 


The next software in our list for top rated EHR software is PrognoCIS. This software also has a lot of features which are very helpful to you. The first feature in PrognoCIS we want to tell you about is the telemedicine software which enables physicians to virtually see their patients through video conferencing calls. You do not need to have your patient come in to see you which is great. This feature was especially helpful during Covid-19 as patients did not have to risk leaving their house and as a pulmonologist most patients you have are immunocompromised especially in regards to Covid hence this software helped you still be able to see your patients without putting them at further risk. 


Hence the telemedicine feature in PrognoCIS helped a lot of pulmonology practices function despite the pandemic making it hard for patients to physically come into medical clinics or offices. 


The next software on our list is Kareo. This software is also a very popular choice of software among pulmonologists which is why it made it to our top rated EHR software list. The software has a robust billing feature which helps medical practices to simplify their billing processes. A lot of times physicians complain about billing being an issue but with this feature you can easily automate most of the processes related to billing and not have to worry about a thing. 

The software also has a great dashboard feature. The dashboard lets you easily navigate through the various features it has without any lags and it is a simple layout which makes it easy for you as well. The dashboard can also be customized to how you prefer it helping you make things even more simpler to manage! 


Epic is a very popular EHR software that has been around for a number of years. The software has a great interoperability feature which lets you make better diagnosis and treatment plans. Because you have access to all this information from other users on the network, you are able to use it to make quicker and more accurate diagnosis for patients. 

Another thing which makes Epic great is that the software is HIPAA compliant and hence you will face no issues when using it since the software is above the board with all of its certifications and helps you make the right decision. 

Practice Fusion 

The last software in our list for top rated EHR software is Practice Fusion. The software has a wonderful charting feature that enables you to chart patient information and vitals much quicker than before. Other than that, the charts are also easy to read and refer to so that when patients come for an appointment you have all the pertinent information in front of you for their appointment.

The next feature in this software we want to tell you about is the e-prescription feature, this feature helps you make prescriptions virtually so that they are directly sent to the pharmacy where your patient can pick them up on their own. This helps save a lot of time and effort on both ends. 

Which Pulmonology EHR you Should Invest in

We cannot recommend any of the software particularly but all of the software in our top rated EHR software list above are great and we recommend that you ask for a demo from the vendor before you commit to it.

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