With the rising inflation, keeping utility costs low has become necessary; however, it comes with various challenges. It is difficult to know how to make business energy efficient and to adjust your business practices accordingly to save money and mitigate carbon footprint. Professional electrical contractors London has devised some tips for business owners that will help them become more energy-efficient.

Few Essential Tips To Achieve Energy Efficiency


Lightning takes the first place in being one of the most simple and effective ways to save energy. Switch all lights off that are not in used and are unnecessarily switched on and make sure that all lights are turned off after office hours. If you cannot do it or keep check of it, you can have a lighting system with a timer. With it, the lights will turn on and off at specific times. 


Another important tip to save energy on your lighting is to switch to more energy-efficient bulbs. You can have LEDs lights that are known to be far more energy-efficient. It helps in saving five times more energy to traditional incandescent bulbs. This implies that it can help in reducing your lighting bill up to 80%.

Eventually, incandescent bulbs will no longer be in use due to the fact they cause a loss of energy. So it is best to switch to LEDs and have professional electricians install LEDs with the timer system.

Office Equipment

It is a common practice in several offices that employees leave their office equipment, especially computers on at the end of the day and don’t turn them off. By doing this, the 20-40% of their energy is still in use. So if you make sure that all computers are off at the end of the day can save you a significant amount of energy.


Todays latest computers come with modern technology fitted and have energy-saving modes. So if it is viable for your business, then use these settings and make sure you save as much energy as possible. In a nutshell, be aware of the standby power usage and develop a habit of turning off computers.

Energy-efficient appliances

When installing equipment, make sure you opt for energy-efficient appliances. When looking for new equipment for your office, check one thing the energy label on all appliances as this shows how energy efficient the equipment really is. The energy rating is an individual rating that is backed by the government. It shows how energy efficient the appliance is and is only awarded to those appliances that strictly adhere to guidelines.

The higher the efficiency rating, the more money and energy your business can save over the course of a lifetime.

Upgrade electrics

Replace outdated electrics with modern and energy-efficient electrics. Most of the times, you are happy with your current electrics because they are performing their function. On the contrary, if you are looking for more energy-efficient ways, then it always a good idea to consider replacing your old equipment and fixtures with the new ones that are far more efficient and fit your needs.

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We realise the importance of having an energy-efficient business, so we offer free consultations to identify the areas to make it more energy-efficient. If you are interested in getting more information about a free consultation, then get in touch with us. So why wait, more! Hire Aconco (for electrical contractors London). We are anticipating your call.

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